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The Yearbook of Langland Studies 18 (2004)

Edited by Andrew Galloway

The Yearbook of Langland Studies 18 (2004)
Hardback, 225 pages £8.00
Published: 2005
ISBN: 9781580440950
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Subjects: Medieval Institute Publications, Medieval Studies

Jill Mann, The Nature of Need Revisited A. V. C. Schmidt,Ars or Scientia? Reflections on Editing Piers Plowman George Shuffelton, Piers Plowman and the Case of the Missing Book Susan E. Deskis and Thomas D. Hill, The longe man ys seld wys: Proverbial Characterization and Langlands Long Will Frank Grady, Contextualizing Alexander and Dindimus Noriko Inoue, A New Theory of Alliterative A-Verses Simon Horobin, The Dialect and Authorship of Richard the Redeless and Mum and the Sothsegger Reviews Helen Barr, Socioliterary Practice in Late Medieval England. (Ethan Knapp) J. A. Burrow, Gestures and Looks in Medieval Narrative. (Helen Cooper) Dee Dyas, Pilgrimage in Medieval English Literature, 700-1500. (Ad Putter) Elizabeth Fowler, Literary Character: The Human Figure in Early English Writing. (Maura Nolan) William Elford Rogers, Interpretation in Piers Plowman. (James J. Paxson) James Simpson, Reform and Cultural Revolution. The Oxford English Literary History. Volume 2. 1350-1547. (Larry Scanlon) D. Vance Smith, Arts of Possession: The Middle English Household Imaginary. (Matthew Goldie) Fiona Somerset, Jill C. Havens, and Derrick G. Pitard, eds., Lollards and their Influence in Late Medieval England. (Katherine C. Little) Emily Steiner, Documentary Culture and the Making of Medieval English Literature. (Chris Baswell) Kalpen Trivedi, "Annual Bibliography 2003"

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 Hardback , 225 pages

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 Medieval Institute Publications


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