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New Directions in Boethian Studies

Edited by Noel Harold Kaylor Jr. and Philip Edward Phillips

New Directions in Boethian Studies
Hardback, 312 pages £70.00
Published: 2007
ISBN: 9781580441001
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Paperback, 294 pages £31.50
Published: 2007
ISBN: 9781580441018
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Subjects: Medieval Institute Publications, Medieval Studies
Series: Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Culture, Studies in Medieval Culture

Continuing work begun by previous scholars, New Directions in Boethian Studies brings together recent studies from the diverse perspective of recent scholarship published during the first decade of Carmina Philosophiae: Journal of the International Boethius Society, a journal which seeks to make sound editions of texts and commentaries, both Latin and vernacular, more readily available to scholars. The book is divided into five sections according to the following areas of study: 1) aspects of Boethius's Latin De Consolatione Philosophiae, 2) vernacular translations of the Consolatio, 3) multidisciplinary perspectives on Boethius in art and literary history, 4) multidisciplinary perspectives on Boethius in art and literary history, and 5) ongoing efforts to find and edit unpublished translations and major studies of Boethius's works. The study of Boethius, his works, and his influence continues to expand as scholars turn their attention to interdisciplinary and heretofore neglected areas of research. The essays and the critical edition presented in this collection represent the ongoing discussions of established and emerging scholars who are drawn to Boethius, undeniably one of the most central and seminal thinkers in the Western tradition.

Introduction by Noel Harold Kaylor Jr. and Philip Edward PhillipsPart I: Boethius's Latin De Consolatione Philosophiae The Philosophical Background of Sufficientia in Boethius's Consolation, Book 3 by William J. Asbell Jr. Boethius's Consolatio Philosophiae as a Bridge between Classical and Christian Conceptions of Tragedy by Christine Herold This is Comforting? Boethius's Consolation of Philosophy, Rhetoric, Dialectic, and Unicum Illud Inter Homines Deumque Commercium by Krista Sue-Lo TwuPart II: Vernacular Translation of the Consolatio A Dit Contre Fortune, the Medieval French Boethian Consolatio Contained in MS Paris, Bibliotheque Nationale, fr. 25418 by J. Keith Atkinson An Italian Translation of Le Livre de Boece de Consolacion by Glynnis M. Cropp Some Vernacular Versions of Boethius's De Consolatione Philosophiae in Medieval Spain: Notes on Their Relationship with the Commentary Tradition by Francesca ZiinoPart III: Boethius in Art and Literary History Visualizing Boethius's Consolation as Romance by Ann W. Astell The Eternal Triangle of Writer, Patron, and Fortune in Late Medieval Literature by Christoph Houswitschka Boethius, the Wife of Bath, and the Dialectic of Paradox by Michael MasiPart IV: Boethius in Religion and Mythography Boethius, Christ, and the New Order by Romanus Cessario The Muses in the Consolation: The Late Medieval Mytholographic Tradition by Graham N. DrakePart V: Reedition of The Boke of Coumfort of Bois The Boke of Coumfort of Bois Bodleian Library, Oxford MS AUCT. F. 3.5: A Transcription with Introduction-Originally transcribed, edited and introduced by Noel Harold Kaylor Jr., Jason Edward Streed, and William H. Watts, Reedited here by Noel Harold Kaylor Jr., and Philip Edward Phillips

Noel Harold Kaylor Jr. is Professor of English at Troy University, Executive Director of the International Boethius Society and coeditor of its interdisciplinary journal, Carmina Philosophiae. Philip Edward Phillips is Professor of English and Associate Dean of the University Honors College at Middle Tennessee State University.

New Directions in Boethian Studies
New Directions in Boethian Studies - Hardback cover

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 Hardback , 312 pages

 Paperback , 294 pages

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 Medieval Institute Publications


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