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The Book of John Mandeville

Edited by C David Benson and Tamarah Kohanski

The Book of John Mandeville
Paperback, 188 pages £15.50
Published: 2007
ISBN: 9781580441131
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Subjects: Medieval Institute Publications, Medieval Studies, Travel & Travelogues
Series: TEAMS Middle English Texts Series

The Book of John Mandeville has tended to be neglected by modern teachers and scholars, yet this intriguing and copious work has much to offer the student of medieval literature, history, and culture. [It] was a contemporary bestseller, providing readers with exotic information about locales from Constantinople to China and about the social and religious practices of peoples such as the Greeks, Muslims, and Brahmins. The Book first appeared in the middle of the fourteenth century and by the next century could be found in an extraordinary range of European languages: not only Latin, French, German, English, and Italian, but also Czech, Danish, and Irish. Its wide readership is also attested by the two hundred fifty to three hundred medieval manuscripts that still survive today. Chaucer borrowed from it, as did the Gawain-poet in the Middle English Cleanness, and its popularity continued long after the Middle Ages.

Acknowledgements Introduction The Book of John Mandeville Preface Prologue Chapter 1. A Way to Jerusalem Chapter 2. Ageyn to the Way Chapter 3. A Wey by the See to Jerusalem Chapter 4. The Way to Babyloyn Chapter 5. A Wey to Jerusalem Chapter 6. Jerusalem Chapter 7. Environs of Jerusalem Chapter 8. A Way fro Galile to Jerusalem thorgh Damas Chapter 9. The Shortest Way to Jerusalem Chapter 10. Another Way to Jerusalem Chapter 11. A Wey All by Lond to Jerusalem Chapter 12. Truthe of Sarasyns Chapter 13. Dyverseteis of Peple and of Contreis Chapter 14. The Land of Mancy Chapter 15. The Londe of the Gret Cane of Catay Chapter 16. Why He Is Y-cleped the Gret Cane Chapter 17. Aray of the Court of the Gret Chane Chapter 18. The Lond of Pers Chapter 19. The Kyndom of Caldee Chapter 20. The Lond of Prester John Chapter 21. Aray of the Court of Prester John Chapter 22. Why He Is Y-clipedPrester John Explanatory Notes Textual Notes Appendix: Sources for The Book of John Mandeville Bibliography

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 Paperback , 188 pages

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 Medieval Institute Publications


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