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The Northern Homily Cycle

Edited by Anne B Thompson

The Northern Homily Cycle
Paperback, 304 pages £19.50
Published: 2008
ISBN: 9781580441261
Format: 254mm x 178mm
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Subjects: Literary Studies, Medieval Institute Publications, Medieval Studies
Series: TEAMS Middle English Texts Series

Composed in rhyming English verse, the Northern homily cycle is the earliest and most complete work of its kind (Gospel paraphrases with homilies on the theme of the Gospel texts), its widespread and enduring popularity witnessed by three distinct recensions and twenty surviving manuscripts ranging from the early fourteenth to the mid-fifteenth centuries. The collection was intended to accompany the Gospel lessons that were read every Sunday as part of the mass.

Acknowledgments Introduction The Northern Homily Cycle Prologue Ratio 1. First Sunday in Advent 2. Second Sunday in Advent 3. Third Sunday in Advent 4. Fourth Sunday in Advent 6. First Sunday after the Nativity 11. Fourth Sunday after Epiphany 12. Fifth Sunday after Epiphany 13. Purification 14. Septuagesima Sunday 15. Sexagesima Sunday 16. Quinquagesima Sunday 18. Second Sunday in Lent 19. Annunciation 20. Third Sunday in Lent 25. Easter Monday 32. First Sunday after the Ascension 33. Pentecost 46. Eleventh Sunday after Trinity 49. Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity 52. Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity 54. Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity 56. Twenty-first Sunday after Trinity 59. Twenty-fourth Sunday after Trinity Explanatory Notes Textual Notes Bibliography Glossary

Anne B. Thompson was Professor of English and Euterpe B. Dukakis Professor of Classical and Medieval Studies at Bates College.

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 304 pages
 254mm x 178mm

BIC Code:
 Medieval Institute Publications


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