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Church and Society in Late Byzantium

Edited by Dimiter G Angelov

Church and Society in Late Byzantium
Hardback, 254 pages £27.50
Published: 2009
ISBN: 9781580441421
Format: 234mm x 156mm
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Series: Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Culture

It has long been noted that the prestige and power of the church were steadily growing in the period of the late Byzantine empire, a tendency that was complex, multifaceted, and sometimes ambivalent. The essays in this collection seek to shed light on various aspects of the church's role in late Byzantine society, especially on the relationship between the church and the lay world and the response of individuals to the challenges faced by Orthodoxy. The volume is divided into three sections: (1) Politics, Society, and the Economy; (2) Intellectual Life and Ideology; and (3) The Church and the Turkish Conquests. By exploring these different areas, the essays in this volume contribute to scholarly understanding of how the church was embedded into the fabric of late Byzantine society and intellectual life.


Introduction by Dimiter G. Angelov

Politics and Society and Economy

The Relations between Secular and Religious Authorities in the State of Epiros after 1204 by Alkmini Stavridou-Zafraka

Abbot or Bishop? The Conflict about the Spiritual Obedience of the Vlach Peasants in the region of Bothrotos ca. 1220: Case No. 80 of the Legal Works of Demetrios Chomatenos Reconsidered by Gunter Prinzing

Priests and Bishops in the Byzantine Countryside, Thirteenth to Fourteenth Centuries by Angeliki E. Laiou

The State, the Land, and Private Property: Confiscating Monastic and Church Properties in the Palaiologan Period by Kostis Smyrlis

Intellectual Life and Ideology

The Donation of Constantine and the Church in Late Byzantium by Dimiter G. Angelov

Emperors, Embassies, and Scholars: Diplomacy and the Transmission of Byzantine Humanism to Renaissance Italy by John W. Barker

The Church and the Turkish Conquests

The Turkish Conquests and Decline of the Church Reconsidered by Tom Papademetriou

From Constantinople to Moscow: The Fourteenth-Century Liturgical Response to the Muslim Incursions in Byzantium and Russia by Philip Slavin



Dimiter G. Angelov is a professor of Byzantine History at the University of Birmingham and has published on the imperial politics and religion of Byzantium.

Publication Details:

 Hardback , 254 pages
 234mm x 156mm

BIC Code:
  HIS037010, REL015000
 Medieval Institute Publications


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