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Medieval And Post-Medieval Finds From Exeter

By J.P. Allan

Medieval And Post-Medieval Finds From Exeter
Hardback, 400 pages £85.00
Published: 1984
ISBN: 9780859892209
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Subjects: Archaeology, British History, History, South-West Studies
Series: Exeter Archaeological Reports

The city of Exeter was one of the largest and most prosperous of British historic towns. Between 1971 and 1980 the Exeter Museums Archaeological Field Unit carried out over 30 excavations in the city which uncovered an exceptionally rich and varied collection of finds. Medieval and Post-medieval Finds from Exeter presents a catalogue and quantified analysis of all the finds from the excavations as well as the most important unpublished material from the pre-1971 sites.

Contributions by
J.P. Allan, M. Archibald, D. H. Brown, R. J. Charleston, G. Coppack, M. Dolley, A. Dornier, G. Egan, S. M. Elbeih, B. M. A. Ellis, J. Evans, D. E. Freindship-Taylor, Alison Goodall, I. H. Goodall, M. Hart, J. W. Hedges, J. Hillam, R. Hodges, H. Howard, S. Hunt, H. L. Janssen, L. Keen, M. Kowaleski, A. Mainman, J. V. S. Megaw, D. T. Moore, Ruth Morgan, C. A. Morris, A. Oswald, J. Pearson, R. G. Scrivener, B. Selwood, N. Shiel, B. Spencer, R. C. Thomas, F. Verhaeghe, A. G. Vince, B. Williams, D. F. Williams and A. Woods

Publication Details:

 Hardback , 400 pages

BIC Code:
  HIS010000, HIS037010, SOC003000
 University of Exeter Press


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