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The Hero Recovered
Essays on Medieval Heroism in Honor of George Clark

Edited by Robin Waugh and James Weldon

The Hero Recovered
Hardback, 276 pages £70.00
Published: 2010
ISBN: 9781580441544
Format: 233mm x 155mm
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Subjects: Literary Studies, Medieval Institute Publications, Medieval Studies
Series: Festschriften, Occasional Papers, and Lectures

The Hero Recovered: Essays on Medieval Heroism in Honor of George Clark brings together studies concerning heroes and heroisms in Old English, Old Icelandic, Middle English, and modern literature as a tribute to the scholarship and teaching of George Clark. The thirteen essays in this collection appear in print here for the first time.

Acknowledgments A Tribute to George Clark Introduction Part 1. The Hero and Legend: Beowulf Thought in Beowulf and Our Perception of It: Interiority, Power, and the Problem of the Revealed Mind by Sarah L. Higley Transforming the Hero: Beowulf and the Conversion of Hunferth by Judy King The King and the Warrior: Hrothgar's Sitting Masculinity by John M. Hill Part 2. The Hero and History: The Battle of Maldon Oaths in The Battle of Maldon by Stephen J. Harris Heroic Saint and Saintly Hero: The Passio Sancti Eadmundi and The Battle of Maldon by Paul Cavill Part 3. The Hero and Conventions: Studies of Old Norse Literature Proverbs and Proverbiousness in Hrafnkels saga Freysgooa by Tom Shippey The Sagas in the Straitjacket of Genre by Theodore M. Andersson The Proverbs of VatnsdAela saga and the Sword of Jokull: The Oral Backgrounds of Grettir Asmundarson's Flawed Heroism by Richard L. Harris Part 4. The Hero Across Time: From the Middle Ages to the Modern Era Vixen as Hero: Solving Exeter Book Riddle 15 by Marijane Osborn Courage and Sexual Anxiety in Sir Thomas Gray's Scalacronica by Andrew Taylor The Child, the Primitive, and the Medieval: Making Medieval Heroes in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries by Anna Smol Jonas Hallgrimsson's "Verses of Icelanders" (Visur Islendinga) by Dick Ringler Heroes and Heroism in the Fiction of Tolkein and the Old Norse World: An Interview with George Clark by Daniel Timmons Contributors Index

Robin Waugh is a Professor of English at Wilfrid Laurier University who has published on patience literature and specializes in Old English, Middle English, and Old Norse literature. James Weldon is a Professor of English and Film Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University.

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 Hardback , 276 pages
 233mm x 155mm

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 Medieval Institute Publications


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