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Saints at Play
The Performance Features of French Hagiographic Mystery Plays

By Vicki L Hamblin

Saints at Play
Hardback, 266 pages £70.00
Published: 2013
ISBN: 9781580441674
Format: 233mm x 155mm
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Subjects: Medieval Institute Publications, Medieval Studies, Religious Studies
Series: Research in Medieval and Early Modern Culture, Research in Medieval Culture

In the introduction to her study of twenty-eight French nonbiblical hagiographic mystery plays from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, Hamblin notes that "this approach is intended to strengthen a comparative analysis of relatively similar texts created within a particular cultural setting. [The plays'] somewhat parallel narrative and performative structures facilitate their comparison as performance remnants ... To that end, the first three chapters of this study will investigate the cultural contexts in which these plays were produced and performed, as well as the cultural content that spoke to and for the communities that created them. In two subsequent chapters, the performance features of these remnants, verbal and nonverbal, textual and supratextual, will be compared in search of evidence of a collective performance history ... My hope is ... to suggest a more performative reading of the works within recognized cultural parameters by examining a set number of saints' plays across cultural, thematic, and performance lines."

Tables Abbreviations: Study-Set of Nonbiblical Hagiographic Mystery Plays in French Introduction 1. "Grans et petis vueillez vous taire": Communities at Play 2. "Entendes si voules aprandre": Genre, Content, Identity 3. "Tout cecy sera recite": Texts and Contexts 4. "Vous pouez veoir en ce repaire": Theatrical Spaces and Places 5. "Et qui doyt commencer commence": Performing the Plays Conclusion "Que voiz cy le livre acheve": Reading Performance Bibliography Index

Vicki Hamblin is a Professor of French and Executive Director of the Center for International Studies at Western Washington University.

Publication Details:

 Hardback , 266 pages
 233mm x 155mm

BIC Code:
  LIT011000, PER011020
 Medieval Institute Publications


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