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Authority of Images / Images of Authority
Shaping Political and Cultural Identities in the Pre-Modern World

Edited by Karen Fresco

Authority of Images / Images of Authority
Hardback, 254 pages £78.00
Published: 2016
ISBN: 9781580442206
Format: 233mm x 155mm
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Subjects: Language and Linguistics, Medieval Institute Publications, Medieval Studies
Series: Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Culture, Studies in Medieval Culture

Focusing on language's political power, these essays discuss how representation, through language norms, plays and court spectacles, manipulations and adaptations of texts and images, both constitutes and reflects a cultural milieu. The volume brings together various disciplinary approaches, offering a complex appreciation of these questions. While a core of the essays focuses on France, the contributions engage a broad range of geographical contexts, from Byzantium to eastern Germany and England from the early centuries of the Common Era to the seventeenth century, revealing the prevalence and persistence of the key interconnected issues of images and authority. Contributors: Carla Bozzolo; Philippe Caron; Robert L. A. Clark; Paul Cohen; Thomas Conley; Jean-Philippe Genet; Douglas Kibbee; Gillette Labory; Nicole Pons; Mara R. Wade.

Introduction I. Language and Norms Language and Identity: The Case of Byzantium, by Thomas Conley Le Pere des bonnes lettres et le prince de la riche locution francoyse
L'image du roi-polyglotte et l'elevation du francais a la Renaissance, sens et ambivalences, by Paul Cohen Les images de l'autorite en matiere de langue en France (1453-1647), by Philippe Caron and Douglas Kibbee II. Performances and Authorities The Parlement de Paris and the Plays: A Reconsideration of the 1548 Ban of the "Mysteres sacres," by Robert L. A. Clark The Construction of Electoral Saxon Identity in the Court Festivities of 1548, by Mara R. Wade III. Collection and Compilation Reflecting and Constituting Authority Les Bibliotheques privees en Angleterre: Livres et litterature politique, by Jean-Philippe Genet Diffusion et autorite de la Grande Chronique de Normandie (XIVe-XVe siecles): Mouvance du texte et reseau de circulation, by Gillette Labory IV. The Power of Translators Un homme populaire et de petite science au service des hommes de pouvoir : L'humaniste Laurent de Premierfait, by Carla Bozzolo Un Manuel d'economie domestique bourgeoise: Laurent de Premierfait et les Economiques du Pseudo-Aristote, by Nicole Ponsa Durer's Self-Portrait (1500) and the Charisma of Images, by C. Stephen Jaeger List of Manuscripts Bibliography Index

"The book serves as a reminder that we can only translate the past that has been left to us--and much of the time that past has been skewed--whether intentionally or not. The essays included in this collection offer new insights, new data, and new interpretations of their subjects which are a welcome addition to studyes in translation, art, literature, and history. The transdisciplinarity of the collection is to be commended, and will no doubt be of use to many scholars working on aspects of medieval and early modern authority." Rachel Reid, Queen's University Belfast, The Medieval Review 17.11.03

Karen L. Fresco is Associate Professor of French, Medieval Studies, and Gender and Women's Studies at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Publication Details:

 Hardback , 254 pages
 233mm x 155mm

BIC Code:
 Medieval Institute Publications


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