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The Katherine Group (MS Bodley 34)
Religious Writings for Women in Medieval England

Edited and translated by Emily Rebekah Huber and Elizabeth Robertson

The Katherine Group (MS Bodley 34)
Paperback, 374 pages £31.50
Published: 2016
ISBN: 9781580442480
Format: 260mm x 210mm
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Subjects: Literary Studies, Medieval Institute Publications, Medieval Studies
Series: TEAMS Middle English Texts Series

The Katherine Group brings together for the first time newly edited and translated versions of three dynamic saints' lives, The Lives of Saints Katherine, Margaret and Juliana, a quirky but rhetorically persuasive guide to virginity, Hali Meidenhad, and a psychologically astute sermon, Sawles Warde ("The Guardianship of the Soul"). These works are important witnesses to the development of Middle English writing after the Conquest and to the rigorous anchoritic spiritual life pursued by female recluses in medieval England.

Acknowledgments Introduction The Martyrdom of Sancte Katerine Explanatory Notes Textual Notes The Liflade ant te Passiun of Seinte Margarete Explanatory Notes Textual Notes The Liflade ant te Passiun of Seinte Juliene Explanatory Notes Textual Notes Hali Meithhad Explanatory Notes Textual Notes Sawles Warde Explanatory Notes Textual Notes Bibliography Glossary

Emily Rebekah Huber is Assistant Professor of English at Franklin & Marshall College and carries out research on Langland, late Middle English romance, and Arthurian romance. Elizabeth Robertson is a professor of English at the University of Glasgow. She has published widely on Chaucer and Langland, medieval literary form and women and religion in medieval English literature.

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 374 pages
 260mm x 210mm

BIC Code:
 Medieval Institute Publications


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