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Studies in Honor of Hans-Erich Keller
Medieval French and Occitan Literature and Romance Linguistics

Edited by Rupert T. Pickens

Studies in Honor of Hans-Erich Keller
Hardback, 568 pages £93.50
Published: 1993
ISBN: 9781879288218
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Paperback, 568 pages £43.50
Published: 1993
ISBN: 9781879288225
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Subjects: Literary Studies, Medieval Institute Publications, Medieval Studies
Series: Festschriften, Occasional Papers, and Lectures

Essays on many aspects of medieval French and Occitan literatures and Romance linguistics in tribute to Hans-Erich Keller, one of our most productive and wide-ranging scholars. As a group, the essays reflect the state of the art of medieval French and Occitan studies and Romance linguistics, with varied methodologies and varied conclusions.

Contents In Honor of Hans-Erich Keller Acknowledgments The Publications of Hans-Erich Keller: 1952-1992I. The Chanson de geste Co dit la geste: Reflections on the Poetic Restoration of History in The Song of Roland by Karl D. Uitti Judicium Dei and the Structure of La Chanson de Roland by Emanuel J. Mickel Jr. Sur les traces du site originaire de la Bataille de Larchant de Guillaume et de Vivien: Une enigme de la Chanson de Guillaume resolue par la Chanson de Roland by Andre de Mandach Roland's Apple: Truthful and Untruthful Discourse in La Chanson de Roland by Rupert T. Pickens Un Heros epique atypique: Le chien d'Auberi dans Macaire by Jean Subrenat Encore le vers orphelin: Interet stylistique et originalite au treizieme siecle by Bernard Guidot The P Continuation of Huon de Bordeaux by William W. Kibler Guillaume au Court Nez et les premiers historiens d'Orange by Alice M. Colby-HallII. French Literature of the Court Fine amor in Thomas's Tristan by Douglas Kelly Tristan/Renart revisite by Jacques Ribard Partonopeu de Blois and Chretien de Troyes by Peter S. Noble Amours au pluriel dans les rondeaux et les refrains by Philippe Menard Narrative Technique in Fourteenth-Century France: Froissart and His Chroniques by William Calin Convention and Innovation in Le Chevalier du papegau by Norris J. Lacy Christine de Pizan, Le Ditie de Jehanne d'Arc by Francois SuardIII. Drama Du double a l'unite: Les Sarrasins dans Le Jeu de saint Nicolas by Jean Dufournet The Sponsorship of Drama in Lille by Alan E. Knight Image-Text-Drama: The Iconography of the Passion Isabeau (1398) by Edelgard E. DuBruckIV. Occitan Studies The Etymology of Midons by William D. Paden Une Chanson facile de Raimbaut d'Orange: Aussi mou / un sonet nou (P.-C. 389,3) by Marc Vuijlsteke Strange Bedfellows: Giraut de Bornelh and Bertran de Born by Elizabeth W. Poe Les Poesies de Peire Espanhol: Edition critique et traduction by Peter T. RickettsV. Literary History Neither Flesh nor Fish, nor Good Red Herring: The Case of Anglo-Norman Literature by Keith Busby The Phallic Leek by Lowanne E. JonesVI. Romance and French Linguistics What Epigraphic Sources Can Tell Us about Spoken Latin and Its Regional Variations by Paul A. Gaeng L'Altfranzosisches Worterbuch de Tobler-Lommatzsch annote de la main d'Arthur Langfors by Aimo Sakari Murder by Stealth: Traison in Old French Literature by F. R. P. Akehurst A Note on the Syntax of Old French Estovoir by Richard O'Gorman Styles of Verbal Blazon in the Reign of Edward I by Gerard J. Brault Vers une typologie des fautes dans le FEW: Le redoublement des etymologies, des articles et des attestations by Kurt Baldinger The Incipient Inflexion in French-Based Creoles by Ernst Pulgram

Rupert T. Pickens was a professor of French at the University of Kentucky.

Studies in Honor of Hans-Erich Keller
Studies in Honor of Hans-Erich Keller - Medieval French and Occitan Literature and Romance Linguistics - Hardback cover

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 Hardback , 568 pages

 Paperback , 568 pages

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 Medieval Institute Publications


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