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The Centre and Its Compass
Studies in Medieval Literature in Honor of Professor John Leyerle

Edited by James F Burke, Patricia J Eberle, Ian Lancashire, Brian S. Merrilees and Robert A Taylor

The Centre and Its Compass
Hardback, 486 pages £43.00
Published: 1993
ISBN: 9781879288294
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Paperback, 486 pages £43.50
Published: 1993
ISBN: 9781879288300
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Subjects: Literary Studies, Medieval Institute Publications, Medieval Studies
Series: Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Culture, Studies in Medieval Culture

This collection of essays was released in honor of John Leyerle, a scholar to whom all medievalists in North America, and many beyond, owe a great debt. As a teacher, scholar, and administrator, Leyerle has been a leader in the rise and renewal of medieval studies on this continent in the past thirty years. The essays in this volume encompass his broad academic interests and interdisciplinary approach to scholarship, with a range of contributors from Canada, the United States, and abroad.

Tonic Accent, Codicology, and Literacy by Leonard E. Boyle O.P. The Ritual Frame of Peribanez by James F. Burke Chaucer's Boethius and Thomas Usk's Testament of Love: Politics and Love in the Chaucerian Tradition by David R. Carlson The Antwerp Landjuweel of 1561: A Survey of the Texts by John Cartwright From Text to Text and From Tale to Tale: Jean Froissart's Prison amoureuse by Laurence de Looze The Question of Authority and The Man of Law's Tale by Patricia J. Eberle The Scribe and the Late-Medieval Liturgical Manuscript: Page Layout and Order of Work by Andrew Hughes The Word Made Flesh: Augustinian Elements in the York Cycle by Alexandra F. Johnston The Topos of the Beasts of Battle in Early Welsh Poetry by David N. Klausner Chaucer's Wheel of False Religion: Theology and Obscenity in The Summoner's Tale by V.A. Kolve Medieval to Renaissance: Plays and the London Drapers' Company to 1558 by Anne Lancashire Chaucer's Repetends from The General Prologue of The Canterbury Tales by Ian Lancashire How to See Through Women: Medieval Blazons and the Male Gaze by James Miller The Legend of Hugh Capet: The English Tradition by A.G. Rigg Another Eighteenth-Century Transcription of Maldon? by Fred C. Robinson Chretien de Troyes and His Narrators by David Staines Barbarolexis Revisited: The Poetic Use of Hybrid Language in Old Occitan/Old French Lyric by Robert A. Taylor

Robert A. Taylor is professor emeritus of French at the University of Toronto and has published on French and Occitan literature, editing medieval texts, and medieval lexicography. James F. Burke is professor emeritus of Spanish at the University of Toronto and specializes in Castilian literature. Patricia J. Ebelerle is a research associate at the University of Toronto. Ian Lancashire is a professor of English at the University of Toronto, whose research and publications have focused on Early Modern English lexicons, Renaissance dictionaries, and the ties between text and dementia.

The Centre and Its Compass
The Centre and Its Compass - Studies in Medieval Literature in Honor of Professor John Leyerle - Hardback cover

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 Hardback , 486 pages

 Paperback , 486 pages

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 Medieval Institute Publications


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