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The Salt of Common Life
Individuality and Choice in the Medieval Town, Countryside, and Church: Essays Presented by J. Ambrose Raftis

Edited by Edwin Brezette DeWindt

The Salt of Common Life
Hardback, 562 pages £43.50
Published: 1995
ISBN: 9781879288461
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Series: Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Culture, Studies in Medieval Culture

The essays within this volume, produced in honor of J. Ambrose Raftis, are united by two themes significant in Raftis's career: a belief in the fundamental individuality of medieval English men and women, and a belief in their ability to make choices. However much environment, custom, social structure, and even biology might constrain or otherwise affect personal behavior, the men and women who appear in the often laconic entries of medieval court rolls were distinctive, one-of-a-kind persons, and their actions-their deeds and their misdeeds, their triumphs and their failures, their fortunes and their follies-were often the result of choices they had made. That is the medieval world of J. Ambrose Raftis, and it is that world, and that vision, that this book honors.

Contents Introduction by Edwin Brezette DeWindtTown The Grain Trade in Fourteenth-Century Exeter by Maryanne Kowaleski The Town of Ramsey: The Question of Economic Development, 1290-1523 by Anne Reiber DeWindt Aspects of Poverty in a Small Medieval Town by Ellen Wedemeyer Moore The Trials of Partnership in Medieval England: A Case History, 1304 by James Masschaele Women and Men in the Brewers' Gild of London, ca. 1420 by Judith M. Bennett To Catch a Thief in Jacobean London by Alexandra F. Johnston and Robert TittlerCountryside The Livestock of Chaucer's Reeve: Fact or Fiction? by Bruce M. S. Campbell Social Structure and Social Organization in an English Village at the Close of the Middle Ages: Chewton 1526 by Ian Blanchard Hemington and Barnwell, Northamptonshire: A Study of Two Manors by David N. Hall Fishers in Late Medieval Rural Society around Tegernsee, Bavaria: A Preliminary Sketch by Richard C. Hoffmann Families have their Fate and Periods: Varieties of Family Experience in the Pre-Industrial Village by Sherri Olson The Historiographic Unconscious and the Return of Robin Hood by Kathleen A. BiddickChurch The Social, Economic, and Intellectual Life of Richard Depyng, Vicar of Fillongley (1487-1529) by Denis Brearley Ramsey Abbey: The Last Days and After by F. Donald Logan

Edwin Brezette DeWindt is a professor of history at the University of Detroit Mercy, who teaches on the history of England and the Middle Ages and is a member of the Royal Historical Society.

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 Hardback , 562 pages

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  HIS015000, HIS037010, HIS054000
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