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Sources for the History of Medicine in Late Medieval England

Edited by Carole Rawcliffe

Sources for the History of Medicine in Late Medieval England
Paperback, 132 pages £12.00
Published: 1996
ISBN: 9781879288546
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Subjects: Medieval Institute Publications, Medieval Studies
Series: TEAMS Documents of Practice Series

The material contained here derives from a wide variety of printed and manuscript sources, chosen to give some idea of the rich diversity of evidence available to the historian of English medicine and its place in society during the fourteenth, fifteenth, and early sixteenth centuries. Latin and French have been translated into modern English, while vernacular texts have been slightly modified, and obsolete or difficult words explained. Middle English has otherwise been retained to give the past an authentic voice and to emphasize the similarities as well as the differences between the experience of modern readers and that of the inhabitants of late medieval England

Introduction 1. The Theory of Humors 2. Man as Part of the Cosmos 3. The Body as a Metaphor for Society 4. The Physician 5. The Surgeon 6. Medical Ethics 7. Fighting for a Professional Monopoly 8. Treatment 9. Epidemics and How to Avoid Them 10. Mental Illness 11. Charms and Magic 12. Herbals and Herbal Cures 13. Childbirth 14. Women and Medicine Further Reading

Carole Rawcliffe is an Emeritus Professor in the School of History at the University of East Anglia. Her research interests include the history of medicine before the 16th century, late medieval religion, and urban studies.

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 Paperback , 132 pages

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  HIS037010, MED039000
 Medieval Institute Publications


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