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Women, Marriage, and Family in Medieval Christendom
Essays in Memory of Michael M. Sheehan, C.S.B.

Edited by Joel T Rosenthal and Constance M Rousseau

Women, Marriage, and Family in Medieval Christendom
Hardback, 451 pages £41.50
Published: 1999
ISBN: 9781879288652
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Subjects: Medieval Institute Publications, Medieval Studies, Sociology
Series: Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Culture

The eleven essays offered in Women, Marriage, and Family in Medieval Christendom reflect the spirit and originality of Father Michael M. Sheehan, for whom the volume was collected. The essays consider three thematic categories that were dominant in most of Sheehan's own scholarly work: the role, position, and contributions of medieval women; the development of Christian marriage, especially in the High Middle Ages; and the secular family with its legal and emotional relationships. A close reading of the papers, particularly those concerned with the themes of marriage and the family, reveal what we can designate as the Sheehan school of social history. The collection expands on several of Sheehan's research areas, and while it shows a considerable interest in medieval England, it does not disregard the Continent. The volume is a worthy tribute to Sheehan and will be of great interest to students of social and legal history, women's history, the development of marriage, and the idea of the family.

Preface by Joel T. Rosenthal Introduction by Constance M. RousseauIn Memoriam Michael Sheehan - A Personal Profile by a Friend by Walter H. Principe, C.S.B. The Interdisciplinary Context of a Career by J. Ambrose Raftis, C.S.B. Women Bede's Women by David A. E. Pelteret Dominae or Dominatae? Female Mysticism and the Trauma of Textuality by Dyan Elliott Salisbury Women and the Pre-Elizabethan Parish by Audrey DouglasMarriage Individualism and Consensual Marriage: Some Evidence from Medieval England by Jacqueline Murray I will never have none ayenst my faders will: Consent and the Making of Marriage in the Late Medieval Diocese of London by Shannon McSheffrey Maritalis affectio: Marital Affection and Property in Fourteenth-Century York Cause Papers by Frederik Pedersen Husband and Wife in Criminal Proceedings in Medieval England by Margaret H. KerrFamily The Cultural Construction of Childhood: Baptism, Communion, and Confirmation by Kathryn Ann Taglia Que nos in infancia lactauit: The Impact of Childhood Care-givers on Plantagenet Family Relationships in the Thirteenth and Early Fourteenth Centuries by John Carmi Parsons Kinship Ties, Behavioral Norms, and Family Counseling in the Pontificate of Innocent III by Constance M. Rousseau The Curteys Women In Chancery: The Legacy of Henry and Rye Browne by Timothy S. Haskett

Constance Rousseau is a professor of history at Providence College. Her research focuses on the Italian Renaissance, medieval canon law, and gender. Joel T. Rosenthal is Distinguished Professor Emeritus at State University New York, Stony Brook. He has published widely on women, family, and social history in the late medieval period.

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 Hardback , 451 pages

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  HIS037010, HIS039000, HIS054000
 Medieval Institute Publications


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