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Translation Theory and Practice in the Middle Ages

By Jeanette Beer

Translation Theory and Practice in the Middle Ages

The collection of essays in Translation Theory and Practice in the Middle Ages arose from a translation symposium at the twenty-eighth International Congress on Medieval Studies at Kalamazoo, Michigan. The authors treat a wide range of topics: translation between Latin and romance languages, the rise of vernacular canonicity, the interplay of Latin and French in the court of France, the theory of translation evident in Alfred the Great's ambitious program of translation of religious works from Latin into Old English, questions of the impact of classical admonitions on medieval translation, interpretive translation used to render traditionally masculine heroes as feminine, the interplay of word and image relating to gender issues, and bilingualism, concluding with translation of medieval texts in the modern era. The scholarship on offer here presents a spectacular collection of modern questions of medieval translation, certainly an essential text for all scholars of related issues.

Contents Introduction Translation between Latin and Romance in the Early Middle Ages by Roger Wright The (M)other Tongue: Translation Theory and Old English by Robert Stanton The Fidus interpres: Aid or Impediment to Medieval Translation and Translatio? by Douglas Kelly Translating Job as Female by Ann W. Astell Gender Symbolism and Text Image Relationships: Hildegard of Bingen's Scivias by Madeline H. Caviness Scientific Translation and Translator's Glossing in Four Medieval French Translators by Peter F. Dembowski La traduction du latin au francais dans les encyclopedies medievales e partir de l'exemple de la traduction des Otia imperialia de Gervais de Tilbury par Jean de Vignay et Jean d'Antioche by Claude Buridant Medieval Psalm Translation and Literality by Louis G. Kelly Toward a Social Genealogy of Translation Theory: Classical Property Law and Lollard Property Reform by Rita Copeland Written French and Latin at the Court of France at the End of the Middle Ages by Serge Lusignan Translation and Definition in the Medieval Bilingual Dictionary by Brian Merrilees Troy Book: How Lydgate Translates Chaucer into Latin by Christopher Baswell Vernacular Valorizing: Functions and Fashionings of Literary Theory in Middle English Translation of Authority by Ian Johnson Translating Chretien de Troyes: How Faithful? by Willaim W. Kibler On Translating Chretien de Troyes by David Staines

Jeanette Beer was a professor of French at Purdue University and associate editor of Purdue Studies in Romantic Literature and is professor emerita at Oxford University.

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 Hardback , 288 pages

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  HIS037010, LAN023000
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