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English Translations of the Scandinavian Medieval Ballads
An Analytical Guide and Bibliography

By Larry E Syndergaard

English Translations of the Scandinavian Medieval Ballads
Paperback, 252 pages £27.50
Published: 1995
ISBN: 9789529724116
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Subjects: Literary Studies, Medieval Institute Publications, Medieval Studies
Series: Festschriften, Occasional Papers, and Lectures

English Translations of the Scandinavian Medieval Ballads is the first nearly complete record of the translations into English of any major folk genre. The English-speaking world has made these ballads a major Scandinavian literature in translation, in part finding there its own primitive past. Here translations are seen as cross-cultural dialogue and placed within the empirical discipline of Translation Studies.

Introduction Using the Tables of Translations Table I. Translations from the Danish Table II. Translations from the Faroese and the Shetland Norn Table III. Translations from the Icelandic Table IV. Translations from the Norwegian Table V. Translations from the Swedish Bibliography of Works Including Translated Ballads Bibliography of Translators' Sources Appendix A. Scholarly Works Dealing with English Translations of the Scandinavian Ballads Appendix B. Scandinavian Ballads with Cognates in English

Larry E. Syndergaard was a professor of English at Western Michigan University who published on Scandinavian folklore and ballads.

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 252 pages

BIC Code:
  LIT011000, LIT014000
 Medieval Institute Publications


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