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Apo ti Zoi ton Vlachon sta 1900 (Greek language edition)

By Asterios I Koukoudis

Apo ti Zoi ton Vlachon sta 1900 (Greek language edition)
Paperback, 64 pages £26.00
Published: 2008
ISBN: 9789607037916
Format: 295mm x 235mm
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Subjects: Anthropology, Cultural and Social Studies, History, Photography

Distributed by University of Exeter Press.

This book attempts a concise yet systematic presentation of the history and cultural identity of the Vlachs, using rare photographs that capture a variety of manifestations of the life of these non-Greek speaking communities at the beginning of the 20th century. The work enriches the bibliography on ethnography and makes an important contribution to the interpretation and understanding of the modern identity of the Vlachs of Greece.The book was published in collaboration with the Egnatia Epirus Foundation.

An album of rare photographs highlighting the multiple dimensions of the Vlach populations living in both Greek and Ottoman lands in the Balkans in 1900.  Greek language text. 226 B&W illus, 12 maps.

Foreword by Ioannis Averoff, Chairman of the Board, EGNATIA EPIRUS Foundation

Foreword by Ioannis K. Hassiotis, Chairman of the Board, Foundation of the Museum for the Macedonian Struggle

Introduction by Asterios Koukoudis

1.1. The region of Moschopolis

1.2. The region of Konitsa

1.3. The region of Vlahozagoro

1.4. The region of Hora Metsovou

1.5. The region of Vlahodzoumerko

1.6. The Arvanitovlachs in Epirus and Albania

2.1. The region of Aspropotamos

2.2. The Vlachs of the Thessaly Lowlands

3.1. The Vlachs in Roumeli (Sterea Ellada)

4.1. The region of Grevena

4.2. The region of Grammos

4.3. The region of Western Macedonia

4.4. The region of Pelagonia

4.5. The region of Olympos

4.6. The region of Veria

4.7. The Arvanitovlachs in Macedonia

4.8. The region of Moglena

4.9. The regions of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace

5.1. Social conditions and professional activities

5.2. Family life, social events and popular culture

5.3. Education and Church

5.4. Participation in the Macedonian Struggle


Publication Details:

 Paperback , 64 pages
 295mm x 235mm
226 colour, 12 maps Illus.

BIC Code:
  SOC008000, SOC020000
 Kapon Editions


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