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Exeter And Its Region

Edited by Frank Barlow

Exeter And Its Region
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Paperback, 366 pages £57.00
Published: 2020
ISBN: 9780859897082
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Subjects: South-West Studies

This volume is the latest in the series of regional studies issued on the occasion of meetings of the British Association. The 31 contributors, mostly staff of the University of Exeter but including seven outside experts, have provided authoritative and up-to-date accounts of the archaeology, history, economy and political structure of Devon and Exeter against the wider physical and biological background of the south-west peninsula as a whole. To this have been added chapters on the city of Exeter; its growth since 1840, its medical services, social structure and University. To add spice to the mixture, there are concluding chapters on the writers and artists of Devon and Cornwall.

Lists of suggested further reading have been appended to most chapters, and the volume is illustrated by numerous tables, plans, diagrams and plates.

Editorial Board

Local Officers, Officials and Executive Committee, British Association Meeting 1969



Part I: The South West: The Physical Background

1. Introduction

2. Geology

3. Geomorphology

4. Climate

5. Pleistocene Faunas of Devon

Part II: The South-West: The Biological Background

6. Zoology

7. The Freshwater Fisheries of Exeter and District

8. Flora and Vegetation

9. Nature Conservation

Part III: The Archaeology and History of Devon

10. Exeter: The Site and Setting

11. The Palaeolithic and Mesolithic

12. Prehistoric and Roman Settlement

13. The Evolution of Settlement in Celtic, Saxon and Medieval Times

14. The Economic History of Devon 1300-1700

15. The Economic History and Industrial Archaeology of Devon since 1700

Part IV

16. The Place Names of Devon

Part V: The Economy and Political Structure of Devon

17. Economic Activity

18. Agriculture

19. Forestry

20. The Holiday Industry

21. Politics and Government

Part VI: Exeter: The City and University

22. The Growth of Exeter from 1840 to the Present Day

23. The Medical Services in Exeter

24. Two Aspects of the Social Structure of Exeter

25. The University of Exeter: A Retrospect

Part VII: Literature and Art in the South West

26. Some Writers of the South West

27. The Exeter Book

28. Art and the South West

Frank Barlow was Professor of History at the University of Exeter

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 Paperback , 366 pages

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 University of Exeter Press


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