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Cornish Studies Volume 14

Edited by Philip Payton

Cornish Studies Volume 14
Paperback, 288 pages £25.00
Published: 2006
ISBN: 9780859897990
Format: 229mm x 150mm
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Subjects: Cornish Studies, History, South-West Studies
Series: Cornish Studies

The fourteenth volume in this acclaimed paperback series includes articles on Cornish mining history, the Cornish and Breton languages compared, the history and revival of Cornish, the poet Charles Causley, twentieth–century Anglo-Cornish poetry written by women, the novels of Edith Havelock Ellis, the 1913 Cornish china-clay workers’ strike, fiction and Cornish tourism, nationalization in Cornwall, and the controversial Padstow ‘Darkie Days’

Contributions by
Graham Busby, Terry Chapman, Merv Davey, Bernard Deacon, Gemma Goodman, Patrick Laviolette, Jim Lewis, Philip Payton, Ronald Perry, Matthew Spriggs, Charles Thurlow, Nicholas Williams and Briar Wood


1. Cornish or Klingon? The Standardization of the Cornish Language, Bernard Deacon

2. I-Affection in Breton and Cornish Nicholas, J.A. Williams

3. Additional Thoughts on the Medieval 'Cornish Bible', Matthew Spriggs

4. Who was the Duchess of Cornwall in Nicholas Boson's (c. 1660-70) 'The Duchesse of Cornwall's Progresse to see the Land's End...'?, Matthew Spriggs

5. The Literary Anthropology of Mrs Havelock Ellis: An Exploration of the Insider and Outsider Categories, Gemma Goodman

6. 'The Words Are There Before Us': A Reading of Twentieth-century Anglo-Cornish Poems Written by Women, Briar Wood

7. Narratives in the Net: Fiction and Cornish Tourism, Graham Busby and Patrick Laviolette

8. Cornish Copper Mining 1795-1830: Economy, Structure and Change, Jim Lewis

9. The 1913 China Clay Dispute: 'One and All' or 'One-That's All'?, Ronald Perry and Charles Thurlow

10. Nationalized Cornwall, Terry Chapman

11. 'Guizing': Ancient Traditions and Modern Sensitivities, Merv Davey

'Cornish Studies is probably the only "county" series that can legitimately claim to represent the past and present of a nation. As such it consistently provides rich material for the understanding of the British past and present as a whole, and of their impact on the wider world.' (Ronald Hutton, Professor of History, University of Bristol)

‘All the articles are well written and contain much in the way of facts rather than generalisations as one would expect from the academic authors but still of much interest to ordinary readers.’ (Cornwall FHS Journal, No. 125, September 2007)

Philip Payton is Professor of Cornish and Australian Studies in the University of Exeter and Director of the Institute of Cornish Studies at the University’s Cornwall campus. He is also the author of A.L. Rowse in Cornwall: A Paradoxical Patriot and numerous other books on Cornwall and the Cornish.

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 288 pages
 229mm x 150mm

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 University of Exeter Press


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