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Arthurian Sites In The West
Revised edition

By C.A. Ralegh Radford and M.J. Swanton

Arthurian Sites In The West
Paperback, 96 pages £12.00
Published: 2002
ISBN: 9780859896764
Format: 210mm x 148mm
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Subjects: Archaeology, British History, Cornish Studies, History, South-West Studies

A completely new, revised and enlarged edition of this classic survey of monuments in South-West England associated with the stories of King Arthur and Knights of the Round Table: the castle of Tintagel, the great hill-fort of Cadbury in south Somerset, the ruined abbey at Glastonbury and Castle Dore in south Cornwall - the setting for one of the greatest European love-stories of all time, that of Tristan and Isolde.  In each case the archaeological evidence is summarised, and linked with relevant Arthurian literature.  The book includes maps, plans, photographs and suggestions for further reading; it will be valuable to specialists as well as accessible to the general reader.

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1. The 'Arthurian' West

2. Cadbury-Camelot

3. Tintagel

4. Glastonbury

5. Castle Dore and the Tristan Stone

Further Reading

‘This booklet has served for more than twenty-five years as a useful introduction to the archaeological evidence for an ‘Age of Authur’, and the newly revised edition shows promise of extending this legacy’, (Arthuriana, Vol 14, No.1, Spring 2004)

‘As a general introduction to ‘Arthurian’ archaeology for lay readers, this revised booklet still makes a serviceable guide, and Swanton and University of Exeter Press should be commended for keeping it in print.’ (Arthuriana, Vol 14, No.1, Spring 2004)

‘This book is an excellent introduction to the early medieval southwest, as well as presenting fascinating insights into how this region and its relationship to the Arthurian myth has been understood and re-assessed through the ages. The illustrations are clear and helpful, and help to reinforce the arguments of the book. This is a thorough and intelligent piece of scholarship, but it is also very easy to read, and presents even complicated archaeological data in a way in which all readers can easily understand. For the literary scholar, historian or archaeologist, or, indeed, anyone interested in Arthur, this is an indispensable guide to the place and times of the legendary figure.’, (Medieval History, Issue 2, October 2003)

‘It is a clearly written, informative document, and certainly something the reader of Arthurian mythology should not be without.’(SF Site, 2003)

‘for those wishing truth over rumour,  Arthurian Sites in the West is a good start.’(SF Site, 2003)

‘King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table hover between history and legend, archaeology and literature(...)This is a work likely to interest people who want to encourage visits to the site',(Reference Reviews, Vol 17, September 2003)

M.J. Swanton is Professor of Medieval Studies at the University of Exeter. C.A. Ralegh Radford was president of the University College London's Prehistoric Society from 1954 to 1958

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 96 pages
 210mm x 148mm

BIC Code:
  HIS002000, HIS015000, HIS018000, SOC003000, SOC011000
 University of Exeter Press


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