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The Maritime History Of Devon

By M. Oppenheim

The Maritime History Of Devon
Hardback, 228 pages £35.00
Published: 1999
ISBN: 9780859897143
Format: 211mm x 137mm
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Subjects: Maritime Studies, South-West Studies

Written in 1908 by Michael Oppenheim, the distinguished naval historian, for the Victorian History of Devonshire, this account has not been previously published as the volume for which it was intended was never completed. Based mainly on the national archives with which Oppenheim had an intimate acquaintance, this account emphasises the place of the county of Devon in naval history.

For all those interested in the history of Devon or more generally in English maritime history, this book will prove a valuable and rewarding acquisition.

List of Illustrations, vii; Preface, ix; Michael Oppenheim, 1853-1927: A Memoir by W. E. Minchinton, xi; The Published Writings of Michael Oppenheim, xxiii; THE MARITIME HISTORY OF DEVON; Before the Normans, 2; From the Normans to the Tudors, 4; The Tudor Age, 23; The Seventeenth Century, 52; Plymouth Dockyard, 74; The Eddystone Lighthouse, 96; The Eighteenth Century and After, 105; Appendix I: List of men-of-war built in Devon from 1694 to 1860, 131; II: Additional list (compiled by Grahame Farr), 153; Bibliography (mainly since 1908), 155; Index, 159.

Michael Oppenheim was a scholar, without formal training in history, who acquired a significant reputation as an authority on the maritime history of England, to the writing of which he devoted his mature years.

Publication Details:

 Hardback , 228 pages
 211mm x 137mm

BIC Code:
  HIS027150, HIS054000, TRA006010
 University of Exeter Press


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