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New Arabian Studies Volume 1

Edited by R.B. Serjeant, R.L. Bidwell and G. Rex Smith

New Arabian Studies Volume 1
Hardback, 210 pages £65.00
Published: 1994
ISBN: 9780859894081
Format: 230mm x 148mm
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Subjects: Arabic and Islamic Studies, History
Series: New Arabian Studies

New Arabian Studies is an international journal covering a wide spectrum of topics including geography, archaeology, history, architecture, agriculture, language, dialect, sociology, documents, literature and religion. It provides authoritative information intended to appeal to both the specialist and general reader. Both the traditional and the modern aspects of Arabia are covered, excluding contemporary controversial politics.

Contributions by
'Abd al-Muhsin al-Mad'aj, Ja'far b. Muhammad al-Saqqaf, Clinton Bailey, Colin Barnes, Paolo M. Costa, W. J. Donaldson, P. J. L. Frankl, John F. Healey, Alexander Knysh, Eric Macro, Suleiman Mousa, R.B. Serjeant, Yasir Suleiman and Daniel Martin Varisco

Contents: Sharif Husayn and developments leading to the Arab revolt, Suleiman Mousa; Musandam - an ethno-archaeological appreciation, Paolo M. Costa; water, risk and environmental management - agriculture and irrigation in South Yemen, Colin Barnes; the cult of saints in Hadramawt - an overview, Alexander Knysh; A Rasulid agricultural almanac for 808/1405-6, Daniel Martin Varisco; the Austrian Imperial Academy's expeditions to South Arabia 1897-1900 - C. de Landberg, D.H. Mueller and G.W. Bury, Eric Macro;Lieutenant Jopp's report on a visit to Hufuf 1257/1841, P.J.L Frankl; sources for the study of Nabataean law, John F. Healey; report on epigraphic work at Mada'in Salih, John F. Healey; the founding of the great mosque (al-Jami al-Kabir) in Sana, Abd Al-Muhsin Al-Madaj; a legal document from Saywun relating to vessels, house and carriages owned by a Saqqaf Sayyid in 19th century Java, Jafar B. Muhammad Al-Saqqaf; the role of rhyme and maxim in Bedouin law - examples from Guaranty (kafala), Clinton Bailey; the pre-metric weights and measures of Oman in the 1970s, W.J. Donaldson; the language situation in Jordan and code-switching - a new interpretation, Yasir Suleiman; Yemenis in mediaeval Quanzhou (Canton), R.B. Serjeant.

G. Rex Smith is retired and was previously Professor of Arabic, University of Manchester

Publication Details:

 Hardback , 210 pages
 230mm x 148mm

BIC Code:
  HIS037000, SOC002010, SOC003000, SOC048000
 University of Exeter Press


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