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On the Third Dynasty of Ur
Studies in Honor of Marcel Sigrist

Edited by Piotr Michalowski

On the Third Dynasty of Ur
Hardback, 313 pages £61.00
Published: 2008
ISBN: 9780897570800
Format: 280mm x 215mm
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Subjects: American Schools of Oriental Research, Ancient Near East, Archaeology
Series: ASOR Journal of Cuneiform Studies Supplement Series

Includes 36 b/w illustrations.

The Ur III period (2112-2004 BCE) was one of the more significant periods in the history of ancient Mesopotamia for modern scholarship and for native cultural traditions and historiography as well. The centralized patrimonial bureaucracy of the time is documented by almost a hundred thousand known documents, and this was when much of what we know as classical Sumerian literature was first initiated. We would not have so many published texts at our disposal if it were not for the tireless efforts of Marcel Sigrist of the Ecole Biblique in Jerusalem, whose scholarship and generosity are celebrated in this volume in twenty-seven essays by an international group of grateful experts on Ur III studies. The subjects range from the publication of new administrative and magical texts, as well as a new piece of the Sumerian King List, to studies of merchants, land tenure, court records, royal concubines, scribes, foreign bodyguards, and even of cuisine.

Marcel Sigrist, an Appreciation   Piotr Michalowski

List of Publications by Marcel Sigrist    Ulla Kasten

1. Franco D’Agostino and Elena Santagati, BM 106145:Un nuovo testo da Umm ache menziona personale del cantiere navale

2. Lance Allred, Labor Assignment from the City of Girsu

3. Farouk N H Al-Rawi, An Ur III Incantation in the British Museum

4. Nicole Brisch, Messenger Texts in the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology at the University of Michigan

5. Miguel Civil, An Agricultural Account from Umma

6. Remco de Maaijer, Šulgi’s Jubilee: Where’s the Party?

7. Douglas Frayne and William W Hallo, New Texts from the Reign of Ur-Namma

8. Steven Garfinkle, Silver and Gold: Merchants  and the Economy of the UR III State

9. Wolfgang Heimpel and Kent Hillard, Fact and Diction in YBC 9819 and SET 188 as Sources for the Reality behind the Name of the Year 9 King of Shu-Sin of Ur

10. Jacob Klein The Brockmon Collection Duplicate of the Sumerian Kinglist

11. Bertrand Lafont, À propos des repas collectives et banquets (naptanum) à l’époque d’Ur III

12. Pietro Mander, Nuovi “Shepherd-Texts” da Lagash

13. Piotr Michalowski, Observations on “Elamites” and “Elam” in Ur III Times

14. Manual Molina, New Ur III Court Records Concerning Slavery

15. Francesco Pomponio, Ancora un bilancio neo-sumeruco di orzo

16. Seth Richardson, Ningirsu Returns to His Plow: Lagaš and Girsu Take leave of Ur

17. Walther Sallaberger, Der Eid im Gerichtsverfahren im neusumerischen Umma

18. T M Scharlach ,Priestesses, Concubines, and the Daughters of Men: Disentangling the Meaning of the Word lukur in Ur III Times

19. Piotr Steinkeller, Joys of Cooking in Ur III Babylonia

20. Benjamin Studevent-Hickman, Quantitative Aspects of Land Tenure in Ur Babylonia

21. M Such-Gutiérrez, Gesiegelte Urkunden de königlichen Viehverwaltung von Drehem und die Frage der Linienunterteilung und Siegelung dieser Tafeln

22. Ozaki Tohru, Divine States in the Ur III Kingdom and Their “Ka Du8-Ha” Ceremony

23. Niek Veldhuis, Orthography and Politics: a d d a, “carcass” and k u rg, “to enter”

24. Lorenzo Verderame, Rassam’s Activities at Tello (1879) and the Earliest Acquisition of Neo-Sumerian Tablets in the British Museum

25. Harmut Waetzold, Die Haltung der Schreiber von Umma su König Šusuen

26. Joan Goodnick Westenholz, the memory of Sargonic Kings under the Third Dynasty of Ur

27. Claus Wilcke, Der Kauf von Gütern durch den „staatlichen” haushalt der Provinz Umma zur Zeit der III. Dynastie von Ur: Ein Beitrag zu „Markt und Arbeit im Alten Orient am Ende des 3. Jahrtausends von Christus”

28. Richard L Zettler, Context and Text: Nippur Area TB IV and the “Archive” of Lama-Palil

Piotr Michalowski is Professor of Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at the University of Michigan. Michaelowski's main fields of study include Sumerian and Akkadian languages, literatures and history, literary theory, and Polish culture; he has written dozens of articles on various subjects within these areas. Michalowski also serves as the president of the International Association of Assyriologists.

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 Hardback , 313 pages
 280mm x 215mm

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 American Schools of Oriental Research


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