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Tell Taannek 1963-1968 III/2
The Loom Weights

By Glenda Friend

Tell Taannek 1963-1968 III/2
Paperback, 102 pages £27.50
Published: 1998
ISBN: 9780788504778
Format: 268mm x 188mm
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Subjects: American Schools of Oriental Research, Ancient Near East, Archaeology

Illustrated in b/w with 16 figures and 18 plates.

A detailed report on the objects defined as ‘loom weights', as well as related objects, from the Bronze Age site of Tell Taannek in Palestine. These are placed within the broader context of textile production in the Near East.

A Note from the Editor



Preliminary Remarks

The Development of the Loom

The Technology of the Warp-Weighted Loom

Are These Loom Weights?

Pattern Weaving Tools and Spinning Whorls

Production Estimations Based on Loom Weights

Loom Weight Typology

Analysis of Textile Production at Tell Taaneek


Catalogue of the Loom Weights and Related Objects

The Arrangement of the Catalogue

Loom Weights

    The Early Bronze Age

    Nos. 1-3

    The Middle Bronze Age

    Nos. 4-24

    Nos. 25-28 from Field SW 2-8, Locus 121

    Nos. 29-32 from Field SW 7-7, Locus 124

    Nos. 33-80

    The Late Bronze Age

    Nos. 81-83

    The Iron Age

    Nos. 84-87

    Nos. 88-92 from Field SW 1-7, Locus 93

    Nos. 93-96

    Nos. 97-110 from Field SW 5-7, Locus 53

    Nos. 111-112

    Nos. 113-174 from Field SW 2-7, Locus 61

    The Persian Period

    Nos. 175-177

    Mixed Loci

    Nos. 178-180

Pattern Weaving Tools

    The Early Bronze Age

    No. 181

    The Middle Bronze Age/ Late Bronze Age

    Nos. 182-184

    The Iron Age and Mixed Loci Containing Iron Age Pottery

    Nos. 185-195


    No. 196

Spining Whorls

    The Bronze Age

    No. 197

    The Iron Age

    Nos. 198-204


    Nos. 205-206

Appendix: Loom Weight Typology Chart



Glenda Friend is a United States Information Agency Junior Research Fellow and Ph.D. Candidate at Baltimore Hebrew University

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 102 pages
 268mm x 188mm

BIC Code:
  DES013000, HIS000000, SOC003000
 American Schools of Oriental Research


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