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Building a New Rome
The Roman Colony of Pisidian Antioch (25 BC-300 AD)

Edited by Elaine K. Gazda, Diana Y. Ng and Unal Demirer

Building a New Rome
Paperback, 220 pages £29.00
Published: 2011
ISBN: 9780974187341
Format: 280mm x 210mm
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Subjects: Archaeology, Classical Studies and Ancient History, Kelsey Museum Publications
Series: Kelsey Museum Publications

The essays in this volume bring to bear the latest scholarly and technological trends in archaeological research to shed new light on the site of Pisidian Antioch in west-central Turkey. Drawing on 3-D virtual reality technology as well as archival material from a 1924 University of Michigan expedition to the site, the authors propose new reconstructions of the city's major excavated monuments. They also evaluate these monuments in relation to the social and political imperatives of Pisidian Antioch's hybrid culture - one that overlaid a Roman imperial colony on a Hellenistic Greek city in an Anatolian region long inhabited by Phrygians and Pisidians. The study of Pisidian Antioch is thus seen in the context of recent scholarship on Rome's colonial project in the eastern empire. An accompanying DVD presents a fly-over of the virtual city created to aid in the authors' research.

Includes 168 b&w illustrations and a DVD.

List of Illustrations

   Unal Demirer

Preface and Acknowledgments   Elaine K. Gazda

1. Introduction: The Projects and Its Scholarly Context   Elaine K. Gazda and Diana Y. Ng

2. Pisidian Antioch: The Urban Infrastructure and Its Development   Adrian J. Ossi and J. Matthew Harrington

3. Ruler Cult and Colonial Identity: The Imperial Sanctuary at Pisidian Antioch   Benjamin Rubin

4. Architecture, Entertainment, and Civic Life: The Theater at Pisidian Antioch   Hima Mallampati and Unal Demirer

5. The Arch of Hadrian and Sabina at Pisidian Antioch: Imperial Associations, Ritual Connections, and Civic Euergetism   Adrian J. Ossi

6. The "Church of St. Paul" and Religious Identities in 4th-Century Pisidian Antioch   Lydia Herring-Harrington

7. The Architecture of the Sanctuary of Men Askaenos: Exploration, Reconstruction, and Use   Katharine A. Raff

8. The Cult of Men at Pisidian Antioch   Lori Khatchadourian

9. Rebuilding Pisidian Antioch: A Virtual model and a New Mode of Research and Exhibition   J. Matthew Harrington

Appendix: Archives Related to University of Michigan Research on Pisidian Antioch




Virtual Antioch

Elaine K. Gazda is Professor of Classical Art and Archaeology in the Department of the History of Art and Curator of Hellenistic and Roman Collections at the Kelsey Museum. She was Director of the Kelsey Museum from 1986 to 1997, Director of the Interdepartmental Program in Classical Art and Archaeology from 2006 to 2009, and head curator for the installation of the Kelsey’s William E. Upjohn Exhibit Wing in 2009

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 Paperback , 220 pages
 280mm x 210mm

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 Kelsey Museum Publications


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