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The Great Karnak Inscription of Merneptah
Grand Strategy in the 13th Century BC

By Colleen Manassa

The Great Karnak Inscription of Merneptah
Paperback, 210 pages £37.00
Published: 2004
ISBN: 9780974002507
Format: 250mm x 170mm
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Subjects: Archaeology, Egyptology, Yale Egyptology
Series: Yale Egyptological Studies

The Great Karnak Inscription of Merneptah's 5th regnal year, the longest surviving continuous monumental text from Egypt, describes the combined Libyan and Sea People invasion of Egypt c.1208 BCE. This new study, the first complete commentary on this long but unfortunately damaged text, begins with a translation of the text, accompanied by detailed notes. The study considers specific military aspects of the inscription alongside its religious background. A grammatical analysis of the Great Karnak Inscription also sheds new light on the grammar of Ramesside monumental texts.

Preface by William Kelly Simpson

Author's Preface and Acknowledgements

List of Abbreviations

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Translation and Text Notes

Chapter 3: Commentary

Chapter 4: Grammatical Analysis

Continuous Transliteration and Translation





'...a very useful study of a highly important historical text, largely neglected hitherto.' (K A Kitchen, Book List 2005)

'...should be of interest to anyone studying issues relating to international relations of the period, aspects of military conflict in the later New Kingdom, or the monumental grammar of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Dynasties [...] The welcome inclusion of the complete hieroglyphic text should be of great use to anyone wishing to study the content and grammar of this inscription for themselves.' (Joshua Roberson, Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt, Vol. XL2005)

Colleen Manassa, curator of Echoes of Egypt: Conjuring the Land of the Pharaohs, is the William K. and Marilyn M. Simpson Associate Professor of Egyptology at Yale University.

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 210 pages
 250mm x 170mm

BIC Code:
  HIS002030, HIS026000, SOC003000
 Yale Egyptological Publications


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