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Adoration of the Ram
Five Hymns to Amun-Re from Hibis Temple

By David Klotz

Adoration of the Ram
Paperback, 300 pages £19.00
Published: 2006
ISBN: 9780974002521
Format: 253mm x 179mm
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Subjects: Archaeology, Egyptology, Yale Egyptology
Series: Yale Egyptological Studies

Hibis Temple, tucked away in the remote Khargeh Oasis, contains the longest monumental hymns to Amun-Re ever carved in hieroglyphs. These religious texts, inscribed during the reign of Darius I, drew upon a large variety of New Kingdom sources, and later they served as sources for the Graeco-Roman hymns at Esna Temple. As such, the hymns to Amun-Re from Hibis are excellently suited for studying Egyptian theology during the Persian Period, on the eve of the supposed "new theology" created by the Graeco-Roman priesthood. This new study, the first extensive commentary on the five liturgically connected hymns, features new translations with detailed notes. The book also considers dominant theological themes present in the texts, including the concept of "Amun within the Iris."

Editor's Preface


List of Illustrations


1. Introduction

2. Invocation Hymn

3. Hymn to the Ba's of Amun

4. Great Amun Hymn

5. Creator Hymn

6. Liturgical Hymn to Amun

7. Amun within the Iris

8. Continuous Transliteration and Translation

Appendix - Parallels



General Index

Index of Texts Quoted


David Klotz received his Ph.D. in Egyptology from Yale University in 2008. He now leads excavations at the Roman Period temple of Hibis in Khargeh Oasis.

John Coleman Darnell (Editor) is professor of Egyptology at Yale University and director of the Yale Egyptological Institute in Egypt.

William Kelly Simpson (Editor Emeritus) is Professor Emeritus of Egyptology, Archeology, Ancient Egyptian Literature and Afro-Asiatic languages at Yale University.

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 300 pages
 253mm x 179mm

BIC Code:
  HIS002030, HIS026000, SOC003000
 Yale Egyptological Publications


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