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The Foraging Spectrum
Diversity in Hunter-Gatherer Lifeways

By R. J. Kelly

The Foraging Spectrum
Paperback, 462 pages £29.00
Published: 2007
ISBN: 9780975273883
Format: 224mm x 148mm
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Subjects: Anthropology, Eliot Werner Publications

The author wrote this book (which was originally published by Smithsonian Institution Press in 1995) to show his archaeology students how dangerous anthropological analogy is and how variable the actual practices of foragers of the recent past and today are. His survey of the anthropological literature points to differences in foraging societies’ patterns of diet, mobility, sharing, land tenure, exchange, gender relations, division of labor, marriage, descent, and political organization. By considering the actual—not imagined—reasons behind diverse behaviour, this book argues for a revision of many archaeological models of prehistory.

Chapter 1. Hunter–Gatherers and Anthropology

Chapter 2. Environment, Evolution, and Anthropological Theory

Chapter 3. Foraging and Subsistence

Chapter 4. Foraging and Mobility

Chapter 5. Sharing, Exchange, and Land Tenure

Chapter 6. Group Size and Reproduction

Chapter 7. Men, Women, and Foraging

Chapter 8. Egalitarian and Nonegalitarian Hunter–Gatherers

Hunter–Gatherers and Prehistory




[A]n excellent overview of key issues in hunter-gatherer studies.' (Alan Barnard, American Ethnologist)

'Not since Man the Hunter has there been such a synthesis and such a mix of stimulating ideas. This will be the authoritative work on hunter/gatherers for a good number of years.' (Brian Hayden, Canadian Journal of Archaeology)

 '[A]uthoritative, comprehensive, and highly readable. . . . A well-worn and heavily annotated copy should be the companion of anyone claiming an interest or expertise in present or past hunter-gatherers.' (Bruce Winterhalder, American Antiquity)

Prepublication praise . . .

'The Foraging Spectrum [is] a well-written, scrupulously researched synthesis of modern approaches to foraging behavior, both past and present.' (David Hurst Thomas, American Museum of Natural History)

'A tour de force of scholarship in behavioral ecology.' (Mathias Guenther, Wilfred Laurier University)

Robert L. Kelly, University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 462 pages
 224mm x 148mm

BIC Code:
  SOC002010, SOC003000
 Eliot Werner Publications


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