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The Recovery of Meaning
Historical Archaeology in the Eastern United States

Edited by Mark P. Leone and Parker B. Potter

The Recovery of Meaning
Paperback, 516 pages £37.00
Published: 2003
ISBN: 9780971958739
Format: 229mm x 152mm
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Subjects: Archaeology, Eliot Werner Publications
Series: EWP Foundations of Archaeology

Originally published by Smithsonian Institution Press in 1988, this collection uses the historical archaeology of the eastern United States to explore social life, religion, and ideology. A new prologue by Mark Leone defines the elements of culture and identifies those parts of the concept that are important to historical archaeologists. Leone considers public displays of heritage and the role of archaeology in their creation.

Prologue to the Percheron Press Edition: Where Is Culture to be Found by Historical Archaeologists? Mark P. Leone

Introduction: Issues in Historical Archaeology, Mark P. Leone and Parker B. Potter Jr.

I. Sixteenth-Century Spanish Settlement in the Southeast

Santa Elena: Threshold of Conquest, Stanley South

Saints and Soldiers at Santa Catalina: Hispanic Designs for Colonial America, David Hurst Thomas

II. Native Americans and Europeans in Seventeenth-Century Southern New England

Sociopolitical Implications of Mortuary Ritual Remains in Seventeenth-Century Native Southern New England, Elise M. Brenner

From Myth to History, or Why King Philip’s Ghost Walks Abroad, Constance A. Crosby

III. The Archaeology of the Georgian Worldview and the Eighteenth-Century Beginnings of Modernity

Material Culture and Worldview in Colonial Anglo-America, James F. Deetz

The Georgian Order as the Order of Merchant Capitalism in Annapolis, Maryland, Mark P. Leone

Craft and Culture Change in the Eighteenth-Century Chesapeake, Barbara J. Little

Asymmetry and Recursive Meanings in the Eighteenth Century: The Morris Pound House, Ann M. Palkovich

IV. Nineteenth-Century Plantation Slavery and Its Aftermaths

Toward a Theory of Power for Historical Archaeology: Plantations and Space, Charles E. Orser, Jr.

An Archaeological Framework for Slavery and Emancipation, 1740–1880, Theresa A. Singleton

V. The Archaeology of Industrial Capitalism and Modern America

Meaning and the Built Environment: A Symbolic Analysis of a Nineteenth-Century Urban Site, Texas B. Anderson and Robert G. Moore

Steps to an Archaeology of Capitalism: Material Change and Class Analysis, Robert Paynter

Dialogues with the Dead: Ideology and the Cemetery, Randall H. McGuire

'[A] significant book . . . . [T]his work offers much of interest to interpreters of the American past.' (Marley Brownin, Museum News)

'This work admirably demonstrates the value of structural and symbolic analysis for the recovery of meaning. For that reason it is a valuable addition to [the] anthropological literature.' (Elizabeth J. Reitzin, Georgia Historical Quarterly)

'This collection . . . tackles connections between actor and object within the context of the historical archaeology of European expansion and development in North America.' (Leslie Stewart-Abernathyin, American Antiquity)

'[A] landmark demonstration of the progress that has been made in interpretation. . . . [T]he book is itself a small gem of material culture.' (Ezra Zubrowin, Science)

Mark P. Leone,  University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland 

Parker B. Potter, Jr.,  Franklin Pierce Law Center, Concord, New Hampshire 

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 516 pages
 229mm x 152mm

BIC Code:
  HIS038000, SOC003000
 Eliot Werner Publications


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