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New York City Neighborhoods
The 18th Century

By Nan A. Rothschild

New York City Neighborhoods
Paperback, 292 pages £35.00
Published: 2008
ISBN: 9780975273869
Format: 184mm x 220mm
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Subjects: Archaeology, Eliot Werner Publications, Sociology
Series: EWP Foundations of Archaeology

An archaeological study of the growth of Manhattan during the colonial period, this book documents the emergence of Manhattan as the center of class-structured capitalist commercialism in the new nation-state. A new introduction by the author updates her analysis in light of subsequent excavations at urban sites (both in New York and elsewhere) and theoretical advances in the understanding of urban public space. Originally published by Academic Press in 1990.

Introduction to the Percheron Press Edition

Chapter 1. Early New York as a City

Chapter 2. Mapped Space and Landmarks

Chapter 3. The Spatial Distribution of Ethnicity

Chapter 4. The Economic Organization of the City

Chapter 5. Meat, Fish, and Poultry—Feeding New Yorkers

Chapter 6. The Interaction Between Wealth and Ethnicity



'This is the first major publication to integrate New York City archaeological data into a broader context . . . . [A]t once a long overdue reference for the student of New York City history while at the same time a point of departure for broader studies of urban development.' (Valerie DeCarlo, American Antiquity)

'This work is a building block. It raises important questions and proposes a methodology . . . that make sense for the analysis of archeological data and the creation of historical ethnography.' (Barbara J. Little, Science)

'[A]n impressive view of New York’s colonial development oriented toward the interaction between wealth and ethnicity, with insights into urban structure. . . . This book should be of interest to students of cities and urban studies and of New York specifically.' (Stanley South, American Anthropologist)

'[A] welcome addition to the impoverished (quantitatively speaking) or deliciously rich (qualitatively speaking) 1980’s monographs written by historical archaeologists. . . . It is an admirable piece of work that builds on 15 years of experience with urban resources.' (Anne Yentsch, Historical Archaeology)

Nan A. Rothschild, Barnard College/ Columbia University, New York, New York

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 292 pages
 184mm x 220mm

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 Eliot Werner Publications


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