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Hope for the Journey
Helping Children Through Good Times and Bad

By C. R. Snyder, Diane McDermott, William Cook and Michael A. Rapoff

Hope for the Journey
Paperback, 244 pages £30.00
Published: 2002
ISBN: 9780971242708
Format: 225mm x 149mm
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Subjects: Eliot Werner Publications, Psychology

The authors—professional psychologists who work with children and families—believe that adults can help children build hope and combat hopelessness, and use stories that children construct about themselves to document the hope-building process. Included are two useful appendixes and a new introduction, in which the authors respond to readers’ questions and reactions to the original edition, which was published by Westview Press in 1997.

From the Introduction to the Percheron Press Edition . . .

'[H]ope results when an adult spends the time and effort to convey hopeful thinking to a child.  Hope is a highly personal experience. The power rests in the adult who is committed to raising a child’s hope.'

From the Foreword . . .

'The authors . . . have captured and conveyed the preciousness of hope in human development throughout one’s life span. Here you will encounter numerous stories that illustrate the formidable power of positive possibilities in helping people to cope with and grow from the challenges of everyday life.'

Michael J. Mahoney, University of North Texas and Saybrook Graduate Research Center

Introduction to the Percheron Press Edition: Bringing Back Hope . . .

Chapter 1. Hoping: Journeys of the Mind

Chapter 2. A Good Story Goes a Long Way

Chapter 3. Measuring Hope in Children

Chapter 4. A Parent Needs Hope

Chapter 5. Parents Instilling Stories of Hope: An Introduction

Chapter 6. Parents Building Stories of Hope: Normal Problems

Chapter 7. Parents Fostering Stories of Hope: More Difficult Problems

Chapter 8. A Teacher Needs Hope

Chapter 9. Teachers Infusing Tales of Hope: Primary School Years

Chapter 10. Teachers Nourishing Tales of Hope: Secondary School Years

Chapter 11. Using Hopeful Stories for Children with Physical Problems

Chapter 12. Making Certain That the Hopeful Stories Last



[A]n extraordinary treatment of a core psychological concept. The power of positive thinking is alive and well—and vividly and inventively brought to life in this inspiring book. (Robert M. Arkin, Ohio State University)

C. R. Snyder, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas

Diane McDermott, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas

William Cook, Private Practice, Missoula, Montana

Michael A. Rapoff, University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, Kansas

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 244 pages
 225mm x 149mm

BIC Code:
  FAM010000, PSY004000
 Eliot Werner Publications


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