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The Education-Jobs Gap
Underemployment or Economic Democracy

By D. W. Livingstone

The Education-Jobs Gap
Paperback, 374 pages £35.00
Published: 2003
ISBN: 9781551930176
Format: 222mm x 150mm
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Subjects: Eliot Werner Publications, Sociology

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'In the new introduction to the award-winning 1999 edition, a Canadian scholar notes that while research on underemployment has increased since then, preoccupation with statistics still emphasizes limited dimensions of the problem of under-utilization of capabilities. Drawing on survey and case study research in advanced economies, Livingstone (U. of Toronto) analyzes various theories (e.g., human capital) as limited in explaining the education-jobs gap. He does support a general conflict theory identifying the highest underemployment with the least powerful social groups.'

Introduction: Mapping the Forest of Underemployment

Introduction to the 1999 Edition: Reversing the Education-Jobs Optic

Chapter 1. The Knowledge Society: Pyramids and Icebergs of Learning

Chapter 2. The Many Faces of Underemployment

Chapter 3. Voices from the Gap: Underemployment and Lifelong Learning

Chapter 4. Debunking the "Knowledge Economy": The Limits of Capital Theory

Chapter 5. Examining the Gap: Social Struggles over Knowledge and Work

Chapter 6. Bridging the Gap: Prospects for Work Reorganization in Advanced Capitalism

Chapter 7.


Glossary of Acronyms



'A rigorous, beautifully crafted, and stunningly successful shredding of the human capital enterprise. This splendidly executed investigation offers us a timely picture of human capital theory as the social sciences own Titanic.' (Ivar Berg, University of Pennsylvania)

'One of the most important books of the decade. This book breathes new life into the much overlooked relationship between education and economic reform.' (Henry A. Giroux, Pennsylvania State University)

'Livingstone's book is an incisive critique of economic and educational orthodoxy, and a powerful new analysis of the connections among school, learning, and work. An important new study by one of the best educational sociologists in the world.' (R. W. Connell, University of Sydney)

'In contrast to the dismal future of continuing and growing underemployment promised by the dominant social policy elite, the author offers a refreshing alternative of economic democracy that is economically viable, socially just, and politically worth struggling for.' (Raj Pannu, University of Alberta)

'A superb book notable for its effective synthesis of quantitative, qualitative, historical, and theoretical approaches. Livingstone explores an issue of vital importance: the growing disjunction between education and paid work in advanced industrial economies.' (Beverley H. Burris, University of New Mexico)

D.W. Livingstone is Canada Research Chair in Lifelong Learning and Work at the University of Toronto, Head of the Centre for the Study of Education and Work at OISE/UT, and Director of the SSHRC national research network on 'The Changing Nature of Work and Lifelong Learning.'

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 374 pages
 222mm x 150mm

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  BUS038000, SOC026000
 Eliot Werner Publications


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