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Enosis and the British
British Official Documents 1878-1950

Edited by Paul W. Wallace, Andreas G. Orphanides and Reed Coughlan

Enosis and the British
Paperback, 252 pages £16.00
Published: 2004
ISBN: 9781931226110
Format: 270mm x 215mm
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Subjects: Greece and Cyprus Research Center, Sources for the History of Cyprus
Series: Sources for the History of Cyprus

The documents within this volume reflect five phases of the Enosis agitation. This volume details each phase, highlighting the struggles between British forces and increasing independence from the people of Cyprus. The documents in the book seek to show that Enosis was a re-occurring concern for administrators on the island, as well as for their superiors in London.


High Commissioners and Governors


Chapter 1: British Vacillation, 1878-1907

I. Dispatch of Walter Sendall, 29 January 1893

II. Dispatch of Walter Sendall, 23 April 1895

III. Letter of Walter Sendall, 23 April 1895

IV. Dispatch of W. F. Haynes-Smith, 28 November 1901

V. Dispatch of W. F. Haynes-Smith, 30 August 1902

Chapter 2: Churchill's Visit and the Aftermath, 1907-1926

I. Dispatch of C. A. King-Harman, 21 October 1907

II. Dispatches of H. Goold-Adams, 27 June 1912

III. Dispatch of H. Goold-Adams, 20 November 1914

IV. Dispatch of J. C. D. Fenn, 16 December 1920

V. Dispatch of Malclm Stevenson, 13 April 1921

VI. Dispatch of Malcolm Stevenson, 15 May 1925

VII. Dispatch from the Treasury, 19 November 1926

Chapter 3: British Debate and Rising Demand for Enosis, 1929-1931

I. Dispatch from R. Nicholson, 6 February 1929

II. The Greek Press and Athletes, 8 April 1929

III. Memorial, 20 July 1929

IV. Reactions to Memorial, November 1929-February 1930

Chapter 4: The Riots of 1931 and the British Response, 1931-1935

I. Storrs' Report on the "Disturbances of October 1931," 11 February 1932

II. Dispatch of R. Storrs, 25 November 1931

III. The Toynbee Affair; the Greek Press, April-July 1932

IV. Amendment of the Criminal Code, June 1932

V. Letter from R. Storrs, 9 June 1932

VI. Enosis Appeal from Greece and the Greek Angle, 1932

VII. Dispatch of H. R. Palmer, 19 June 1934

Chapter 5: Prelude to the Struggle, 1935-1950

I. British Policy in Cyprus, September 1935

II. Letter of H. R. Palmer, 4 June 1938

III. Petition from Greece for Enosis, 8 October 1938

IV. Statement for Enosis, January-March 1939

V. "Greater Greece" Movement, 27 May 1941

VI. Dispatch from C. C. Woolley, 9 June 1943

VII. Dispatch from A. B. Wright, 5 December 1949

VIII. Visit of Cyprus Ethnarchy Delegation to the United States, 1950


Andreas G. Orphanides is Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the President of the European Association of Higher Education Institutions (EURASHE) that represents over 1400 European universities, polytechnics and other higher education institutions

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 252 pages
 270mm x 215mm

BIC Code:
  HIS037070, POL011000
 Greece and Cyprus Research Center


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