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Greek Painted Pottery from Naukratis in Egyptian Museums

By Marjorie Susan Venit

Greek Painted Pottery from Naukratis in Egyptian Museums
Hardback, 309 pages £16.00
Published: 1988
ISBN: 9780936770192
Format: 287mm x 223mm
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Subjects: American Research Center in Egypt, Egyptology
Series: American Research Center in Egypt Catalogs

The pottery from Naukratis--the original sanctuary is now submerged--is dispersed in museums all over the world, but the lion's share remains in Egypt, particularly in the large collection in the Graeco-Roman Museum in Alexandria, and until now it has remained almost completely unpublished. This book introduces the pottery and provides a rationale behind the classifications of individual fragments, including a description of each fragment.

Illustrated with 85 plates.



Map of Naukratis Region


1. East Greek


Wild Goat



Clasomenian (and related Black Figure)


Ionian Cups

Uncertain Fabric, perhaps East Greek

2. Corinthian

3. Attic

Attic Black Figure

Attic Red Figure

Attic Black Glaze and Patterned Vases

4. Laconian

Concordance of Museum Numbers


I. Painters and Workshops

II. Collections and Proviences

III. Shapes

IV. Fabrics and Styles

V. Motifs

VI. Chronological Periods




'The Naucratis Project has been ongoing since 1979. This volume presents the unpublished Greek Orientalizing, black and red figure pottery from that site now in Egyptian museums. The Hellenistic and Roman pottery will be presented in a subsequent volume, together with the ceramic material uncovered in the recent work at Naucratis and the survey of the region. By identifying the earliest pottery from the site, East Greek Sub-Geometric Bird bowls such as Alexandria 9473, Cairo 26153, and Cairo 26155, Venit provides documentation that Greeks were living at Naucratis by the middle of the seventh century B.C. This confirms Herodotus's statement that settlements were established by Psammetichus I in appreciation for Greek help in establishing him as Pharoah of Egypt. "Very expensive bibliographical footnoting, a list of abbreviations, concordance of museum numbers, profiles, drawings, and a series of indexes are included. The latter include indexes to painters and workshops, collections and proveniences, shapes, fabrics and styles, motifs, and chronological periods. These aids contribute to the ease with which this volume may be used for a variety of research purposes.' (Eleanor Guralnick, Journal of Near Eastern Studies, January 1995)

'One of the parerga of the American/Canadian Naucratis Project was a programme of work on the finds from earlier excavations on the site at the turn of the century. Venit has studied the Greek pottery and has already published articles on the Laconian and Attic. This volume brings together all the pieces in the Graeco-Roman Museum at Alexandria, together with those in Cairo (known from Edgar's publication of 1911). Most of the pottery from the early excavations was brought to Britain where the British Museum holds the lion's share. Much, however, was dispersed to other subscribers...Only the material left in Egypt has remained largely unknown, so this publication is a signal service to our knowledge of the finds. It is to be hoped that it will stimulate comprehensive publication of material elsewhere, not merely to identify joins and and give due account of important individual pieces, but also to give a fairer impression of the origins and the relative quantities of Archaic pottery from the site. The publication includes a brief account of each class represented at Naucratis but is basically a descriptive catalogue. It is supported by large photographs of every piece, profile drawings of many of the important ones, and a lavish series of 1:1 drawings of the majority.' (John Boardman, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford Dec. 12, 1990)

Marjorie Venit is professor of art history and archaeology at the University of Maryland.

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 Hardback , 309 pages
 287mm x 223mm

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  ART015060, ART045000, HIS002030, SOC003000
 American Research Center in Egypt


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