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Deir el-Ballas
Preliminary Report on the Deir el-Ballas Expedition, 1980-1986

By Peter Lacovara

Deir el-Ballas
Hardback, 77 pages £7.50
Published: 1990
ISBN: 9780936770246
Format: 286mm x 219mm
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Subjects: American Research Center in Egypt, Egyptology
Series: American Research Center in Egypt Reports

This preliminary report covers the results of four brief seasons of survey and limited excavation undertaken by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, partly as a followup to the Hearst Expedition excavations originally conducted at the site by George Reisner in 1900-1901. Lacovara and his co-writers clarify the unpublished records of the Hearst Expedition, showing that the site was far larger than the records indicated and that a number of important areas were not excavated, including a chapel near the workers' village.

Illustrated with figures, 17 plates and 4 plans.


List of Figures

List of Plates

1. The Topography of the Site   Peter Lacovara

2. House E   Cynthia L. Shartzer

3. Chapel 1   Janet Richards

4. The Pottery   Janine Bourriau

5. The Small Finds   Sue D'Auria

6. Botanical Remains   Wilma Witterstrom




Peter Lacovara, director of the Deir el-Ballas expedition from 1980 to 1986, is curator of Ancient Art at the Michael C. Carlos Museum, Atlanta.

Publication Details:

 Hardback , 77 pages
 286mm x 219mm

BIC Code:
  HIS002030, SOC003000
 American Research Center in Egypt


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