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Archaeological Investigations at el-Hibeh 1980
Preliminary Report

By Robert J. Wenke

Archaeological Investigations at el-Hibeh 1980
Paperback, 165 pages £7.50
Published: 1984
ISBN: 9780890031544
Format: 277mm x 214mm
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Subjects: American Research Center in Egypt, Egyptology
Series: American Research Center in Egypt Reports

Excavations, surface sampling topographic mapping, and other archaeological and Egyptological researches were conducted at the site, of el-Hibeh between February 11 and March 16, 1980. Results indicate that el-Hibeh, a large (approximately 13 hectares), walled "town" on the Nile's east bank across from el-Fashn, was first occupied in the late 2nd millennium B.C. and remained an important site through much of the 1st millennium B.C. and into the first several centuries A.D. Excavations were conducted in stratified deposits in two areas of 1st millennium B.C. occupations, producing samples of ceramics, floral and faunal remains, architecture, and other artifacts. Aspects of the settlement's occupational history are reconstructed, and suggestions for future research are made.

Illustrated with 12 black and white plates.

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I. Introduction

a) Theoretical Context

b) Ecological Context

c) Historical Context

II. Archaeological Investigations

a) The Topographic Map

b) Site Surface Sampling

c) The Excavations

III. Relative Seriation of Ceramics

IV. The Faunal Remains   Richard Redding

a) The Material

b) Relative Importance of the Taxa and Associations

c) Conclusions

V. The Plant Remains   Wilma Wetterstrom

a) Methods

b) Results

c) Discussion and Conclusions

VI. The Textiles   Diana Ryesky

a) Procedures

b) The Samples

c) Data Analysis

d) Comparisons Between the Two Test Squares Excavated at El-Hibeh

e) Summary and Conclusions

VII. Summary and Conclusions

Appendix I: The Ceramics  

Appendix II: Numistmatic Evidence  

Appendix III: Epigraphic Materials  

Appendix IV: Small Finds  

Appendix V: The Regional Survey

Appendix VI: Report on the Petrology of the Temple at El-Hibeh  Hassaan El-Hassanny and Tarek Naffie



Robert J. Wenke is professor of archaeology in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Washington.

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 165 pages
 277mm x 214mm

BIC Code:
  HIS002030, SOC003000
 American Research Center in Egypt


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