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Church and State
The English Experience

By Adrian Hastings

Church and State
Paperback, 96 pages £17.50
Published: 1991
ISBN: 9780859893688
Format: 210mm x 148mm
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Subjects: Philosophy and Religion

The prestigious Prideaux Lectures were given in 1990 by Adrian Hastings, published here in volume form. With a distinctive and fresh approach, he surveys the vast range of interactions between the Christian church and the English state. The central theme Hastings develops is the tension between the intrinsic dualism within the Christian approach to church and state and the pressure towards monism inherent in the Reformation establishment. Church and State provides a frame of reference, at once historical and theological, for a subject that is too frequently discussed merely descriptively or moralistically.


1. Patterns of Dualism

2. The Triumph and Decline of Justinianism

3. A Tradition of Dissent

4. What Matters To Us Now


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'Anybody who believes in a division of power will have no difficulty in accepting Hasting's line. But the ageing left, who think that they may have a powerful apostle for disestablishment, are in for a wonderfully rude awakening.' (Independent)

'To be told of this book…would be enough to whet the appetite. …Actually meeting the book goes beyond whetting appetites; it is somewhere near inflaming them. …There are some pungent axe-edged quotes laid to the root of the tree.' (Church Times)

Adrian Hastings is Professor of Theology and head of the department of Theology and religious Studies at the University of Leeds. He has worked for many years in Africa, was formerly Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Zimbabwe and is editor of the Journal of Religion in Africa. His books include African Catholicism and The Theology of a Protestant Catholic. He was also editor of Modern Catholicism, a multi-author survey of the history of the Catholic Church since the second Vatican Council.

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 96 pages
 210mm x 148mm

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  HIS015000, HIS018000, POL010000, REL003000, REL027000
 University of Exeter Press


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