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Secrets of German Medieval Swordsmanship
Sigmund Ringeck's Commentaries on Master Liechtenauer's Verse

By Sigmund Ringeck and Johannes Liechtenauer Translated by Christian Henry Tobler

Secrets of German Medieval Swordsmanship
Hardback, 400 pages £35.00
Published: 2002
ISBN: 9781891448072
Format: 285mm x 225mm
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Subjects: Freelance Academy Press, History, Medieval Studies, Military History

In his first book, and the first of its kind, Christian Henry Tobler presents a beautifully interpreted study of fighting techniques recorded in the mnemonic verse of the legendary German swordmaster, Johannes Liechtenauer. Johannes Liechtenauer was a 14th century German fencing master born in the mid 1300s. In this lavishly photo-illustrated text, Christian presents a full translation and interpretation of the so-called Ringeck Fechtbuch, a mid-15th century compendium of teachings in the Liechtenauer tradition. At once bold and martially efficient, these classic techniques of swordsmanship have proven their enduring allure.


Jörg Bellinghausen


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Section 1 - Longsword Techniques

1. Master Liechtenauer's Verse

2. Basic Concepts

3. The Zornhau

4. The Krumphau

5. The Zwerchhau

6. The Sheilhau

7. The Sheitelhau

8. Vier Leger

9. Vier Versetzen

10. Nachreisen

11. Uberlaufen

12. Absetzen

13. Durchwechseln

14. Zucken

15. Durchlaufen

16. Abschneiden

17. Hande Trucken

18. Zwei Hangen

19. Conclusion of the Teachings

20. Nebenhut & Schranckhut

21. Additional Counter Techniques

Section 2 - Sword & Buckler

22. Techniques with the Buckler

Section 3 - Wrestling Techniques

23. General Wrestling Techniques

24. Drei Ringen

25. Countering Grabs

26. Unterhalten

27. Ston

28. Mortstöße

29. Beinbrüche

30. Other Wrestling Techniques

31. Zulauffend Ringen

Section 4 - Armoured Combat

32. Vulnerabilities of a Man in Armour

33. Combat with the Spear

34. Sword against Spear

35. Kampfringen - Armoured Wrestling

36. Secret Wrestling

37. Halbschwert

38. More Half-Swording

39. Schlachenden Ort

Section 5 - Mounted Combat

40. Roßfechten


Appendix 1

Appendix 2



Sigmund Ringeck was master-at-arms to Albrecht, Count Palatine of the Rhine and Duke of Bavaria in the 15th century.

Johannes Liechtenauer was the premier master-at-arms of medieval Germany, whose martial art dominated German swordsmanship for over two centuries.

Christian Henry Tobler has been a longtime student of swordsmanship, especially as it applies to the pursuit of the chivalric ideals. A passionate advocate of the medieval Liechtenauer School, his work in translating and interpreting Sigmund Ringbeck's commentary firmly established him as an important contributor to the growing community of Western martial arts.

Publication Details:

 Hardback , 400 pages
 285mm x 225mm

BIC Code:
  HIS027000, HIS037010
 Freelance Academy Press


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