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Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt, Volume 51 (2015)

Edited by Eugene Cruz-Uribe

Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt, Volume 51 (2015)
Paperback, 378 pages £53.00
Published: 2016
ISBN: 9781937040352
Format: 280mm x 215mm
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Subjects: Egyptology, Lockwood Press
Series: Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt

The Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt (JARCE) was established in 1962 to foster research into the history, languages, social systems, and archaeology of the Egyptian people. The journal welcomes article submissions on all periods and aspects of Egyptian civilization. JARCE publishes articles in English, French or German.


Iman R. Abdulfattah - George T. Scanlon 1925–2014

Matthew Douglas Adams - In the Footsteps of Looters: Assessing the Damage from the 2011 Looting in the North Cemetery at Abydos

Peter Lacovara, Salima Ikram,  Bob Brier, Margaret Leveque, and Renée Stein - An Egyptian Mummy of the Late Old Kingdom in the Michael C. Carlos Museum, Emory University

Andreas Winkler - Third Time’s the Charm? A Document from the Reign of Claudius and the Councillor Priests, Redux

Kevin M. Cahail - A Family of Thirteenth Dynasty High Officials: New Evidence from South Abydos

Josef Wegner and Kevin M. Cahail - Royal Funerary Equipment of a King Sobekhotep at South Abydos: Evidence for the Tombs of Sobekhotep IV and Neferhotep I?

Jack A. Josephson and Günter D Reyer - Naqada IId: The Birth of an Empire

Jacquelyn Williamson - Kingship, Writing, Organized Religion Alone before the God: Gender, Status, and Nefertiti’s Image

Enas Fares YehIa - Prince Mohammed Ali after the July Revolution 1952 and the Journey of Searching for the Lost

Colin Reader - The Meidum Pyramid

Kelly-Anne Diamond - The Function and Structure of the dmd(y)t“Myth”

Jennifer Hellum - In Your Name of Sarcophagus: The “Name Formula” in the Pyramid Texts

Engy El-Kilany and Heba Mahran - What Lies Under the Chair! A Study in Ancient Egyptian Private Tomb Scenes, Part I: Animals

Dina El Gabry - A Late Middle Kingdom Private Stela of the Priests of Hathor (Cairo Museum CG 20780)

Rasha Metawi - An Interesting New Kingdom Stela from Thebes Cairo Museum (CG 34045)

Karen Margaret Bryson - Some Year Dates of Horemheb in Context

Amr Gaber - A Case of Divine Adultery Investigated

Jennifer Cromwell - One Week in January: A Register of Men from Late Antique Egypt

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Eugene Cruz-Uribe is Professor of History at Indiana University East.

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 Paperback , 378 pages
 280mm x 215mm

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  HIS002030, SOC003000
 Lockwood Press


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