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Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt, Volume 52 (2016)

Edited by Eugene Cruz-Uribe

Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt, Volume 52 (2016)
Paperback, 360 pages £57.00
Published: 2017
ISBN: 9781937040451
Format: 280mm x 215mm
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Subjects: Egyptology, Lockwood Press
Series: Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt

The Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt (JARCE) was established in 1962 to foster research into the history, languages, social systems, and archaeology of the Egyptian people. The journal welcomes article submissions on all periods and aspects of Egyptian civilization. JARCE publishes articles in English, French or German.

A Ba Speaking to His Owner: Warning about an Imminent Danger and Giving an Admonition - M. Victoria Almansa-Villatoro

What Lies under the Chair! A Study in Ancient Egyptian Private Tomb Scenes, Part II: Objects - Heba Mahran and Engy El-Kilany

The Visitors' Graffiti in Two Tombs of Beni Hassan (Ameny and Khnumhotep II) - Khaled Hassan

The Development and Function of Serpentine/Sinusoidal Walls – Oren Siegel

Akhenaten as the Early Morning Light: Revisiting the “Consecration” Ritual in Amarna - Arlette David

Expressing the Eternity as Seriality: On šn as a Number of Large Magnitude - Luca Miatello

Un roi Sheshonq à Hermopolis -Hassan Nasr el-Dine

Floating on Mercury in the Moonlight: “Birkat az-Zi?baq” in the Palace of Khum?rawa?h in al-Qa???i? - Alexei A. Krol

The Harbor Facilities of King Khufu on the Red Sea Shore: The Wadi al-Jarf/Tell Ras Budran System - Pierre Tallet and Gregory Marouard

The Development of the “?ry(w) w?b(w)” Beginning in the Archaic Period - Rasha Metawi

Mapping the Tura-Masara Limestone Quarries - James A. Harrell

Der ägyptische Lautwandel zwischen ‘ und m - Stefan Bojowald

Beasts and Beliefs at Beni Hassan: A Preliminary Report - Linda Evans

A New Look at the pds.t-n.t-nbw of Zaubersprüche für Mutter und Kind, Spell P - Kevin M. Cahail

Special Delivery to Wah-sut: An Eighteenth Dynasty Ostracon's Inventory of Precious Materials

Shelby Justl - The Enigmatic Statuette of Djehutymose (MFA 24.743): Deputy of Wawat and Viceroy of Kush - David Klotz and Marina W. Brown

Three Shabtis of the Vizier Paser (UC39724-39726) - Ahmed M. Mekawy Ouda

The King Sitting Backward in His Chariot: A Ramesside Icon of Victory - Lisa Sabbahy

Dehumanization of the “Other”: Animal Metaphors of Defeated Enemies in the New Kingdom Military Texts - Ahmad Abo el Magd

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Eugene Cruz-Uribe is Professor of History at Indiana University East.

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 360 pages
 280mm x 215mm

BIC Code:
  HIS002030, SOC003000
 Lockwood Press


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