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Archaeological Institute of America 117th Annual Meeting Abstracts, Volume 39

Edited by AIA

Archaeological Institute of America 117th Annual Meeting Abstracts, Volume 39
Paperback, 330 pages £16.00
Published: 2016
ISBN: 9781931909334
Format: 254mm x 152mm
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Subjects: Archaeological Institute of America, Archaeology
Series: AIA Abstracts

Abstracts of the 117th annual meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America, January 6-9, 2016 in San Francisco, California.

Session 1

1A. Coastal and Maritime Contacts in the Eastern Mediterranean

1B. Mycenaean Architecture

1C. Neolithic Diros

1D. Photogrammetric and Three-Dimensional Approaches in Archaeological Fieldwork

1E. Globalizing the Field: Preserving and Creating Access to Archaeological Collections (Joint AIA/SCS Colloquium)

1F. Cultural Encounters and Frontier Interactions: Part 1

1G. People in the Greek Landscape

1H. Craftsmen and Patrons in the Roman World

1I. The Archaeology of Greece in Late Antiquity

1J. Histories of Classical Collecting

Session 2

2A. Current Issues in Heritage Management

2B. Asia Minor

2C. Landscapes and Households in the Aegean World

2D. The Mycenaean Coast

2E. Athens: The Acropolis and the Agora

2F. Sicily

2G. Etruria and Latium in the Archaic Age

2H. Mimesis, Repetition, and the Aesthetics of Roman Art

2I. AIA Presidential Plenary Session: Climate Change and Human Society, Past, Present, and Future (Colloquium)

2J. Landscapes of Death and Remembrance in Ancient Greece (Colloquium)

2K. Poster Session

Session 3

3A. Integrating Community and Education into Archaeological Research (Colloquium)

3B. Social Spaces and Industrial Places: Multiscalar Approaches to Production in the Ancient Mediterranean (Colloquium)

3C. Archaeology of Crete

3D. Gold Medal Colloquium in Honor of Malcolm Bell III (Colloquium)

3E. From Castellina to Cetamura: Recent Developments in the Archaeology of Chianti (Colloquium)

3F. The Economics and Logistics of Roman Art and Architecture

3G. Current Developments in North African Archaeology: AIA/DAI New Projects and Joint Efforts (Colloquium)

3H. Sailing with the Gods: The Archaeology of Ancient Mediterranean Maritime Religion (Colloquium)

3I. Recent Excavations on Roman Provincial Sites: New Data for Understanding Regional Differences in the Provinces (Colloquium)

3J. Cycladic Archaeology: New Approaches and Discoveries (Colloquium)

Session 4

4A. Digital Resources for Teaching and Outreach (Joint AIA/SCS Colloquium)

4B. Standardization and the State (Joint AIA/SCS Colloquium)

4C. Prehistoric Aegean

4D. The Northeast Peloponessos

4E. Archaeometric Approaches to the Mediterranean Bronze Age

4F. Western Mediterranean and Adriatic Prehistory

4G. Out and Around Houses in Eastern Mediterranean Cities (Colloquium)

4H. Roman Emperors: Their Images and Their Spaces

4I. Change and Continuity in Italy and Sicily from the Republic to the Middle Ages

4J. Deserted Villages, I: Before Abandonment (Colloquium)

4K. Macedonia and the Hellenistic World

Session 5

5A. Mycenaean Funerary Practices

5B. Greek Votive Dedications

5C. Navigating the Publication Process (Workshop)

5D. Aegean Survey

5E. Greek and Latin Epigraphy

5F. Eastern Mediterranean Interaction

5G. Funerary Iconography

5H. Undergraduate Paper Session

5I. New Perspectives on Urban Life in Pompeii and Ostia

5J. Ancient Necropoleis and Cemeteries: New Approaches

Session 6

6A. Pottery in Context

6B. Evidence and Emergency Responses to Cultural Heritage Destruction in the Middle East (Workshop)

6C. Thoughts for Raiment: Theoretical and Methodological Approaches to Dress and Adornment in Antiquity (Colloquium)

6D. Fieldwork in Greece

6E. The Current State and Future Prospects of the Archaeology of Graeco-Roman Egypt (Colloquium)

6F. Exploring a Terra Incognita: Recent Research on Bronze Age Habitation in the Southern Ierapetra Isthmus (Colloquium)

6G. From Foundation to Decay: Town-Planning and Urban Development in Ancient Italy

6H. Cities and Countryside in Roman Anatolia

6I. Five Decades of Excavations at Poggio Civitate (Colloquium)

6J. Deserted Villages, II: During and After Abandonment (Colloquium)

Session 7

7A. Minting an Empire: Negotiating Roman Hegemony Through Coinage (Joint AIA/SCS Colloquium)

7B. Innovation at the Juncture of Conservation and Archaeology: Collaborative Technical Research (Workshop)

7C. Depositions and Depositional Processes in Ancient Greek Cities and Sanctuaries (Colloquium)

7D. Long-Term Urban Dynamics at Knossos: The Knossos Urban Landscape Project, 2005-2015 (Colloquium)

7E. Pliny's History of Ancient Art: Toward a Contextual Perspective (Colloquium)

7F. Textiles, Dress, and Adornment in Antiquity

7G. New Fieldwork and Research at Gordion: 2013-2015 (Colloquium)

7H. Villas and Countryside in the Roman Empire

7I. Cultural Encounters and Frontier Interactions: Part 2

7J. New Developments in Cultural Property Protection in Conflict Zones (Colloquium)

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 Paperback , 330 pages
 254mm x 152mm

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