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Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt, Volume 53 (2017)

Edited by Eugene Cruz-Uribe

Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt, Volume 53 (2017)
Paperback, 351 pages £57.00
Published: 2018
ISBN: 9781937040703
Format: 277mm x 213mm
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Subjects: American Research Center in Egypt, Archaeology, Egyptology, Lockwood Press
Series: Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt

The Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt (JARCE)was established in 1962 to foster research into the history, languages, social systems and archaeology of the Egyptian people. The journal welcomes article submissions on all periods and aspects of Egyptian civilization.

JARCE publishes articles in English, French or German.







The Lost Throne of Queen Hetepheres from Giza: An Archaeological Experiment in Visualization and Fabrication - Peter Der Manuelian

 An Unpublished Lintel of Ahmose-Nebpehtyre from El-Atâwla  - Abdalla Abdel-Raziq

Untersuchungen zu den Totenbuchsprüchen 33, 34 und 35 - Elena Mahlich

“Isisblumen” au Pays de Kouch: Bilan et Perspectives - Tsubasa Sakamoto

 The Coptic Monastery at the First Pylon of Karnak Temple - Emad Ghaly

The Journey of Muhammed Bey al-Alfi to London: An Eye-Opening Journey - Doaa A. M. Kandil, Ahmed M. H. A. Fak

The Barque of Wenut-Shemau at the Sed-Festival: An Old Kingdom Temple Relief from Herakleopolis - Josef Wegner

 Unusual Middle Kingdom Funerary Stela of a Man at Alexandria National Museum no. 223 - Marzouk Al-Sayed Aman

Come My Staff, I Lean Upon You: The Use of Staves in the Ancient Egyptian Afterlife - Nicholas R. Brown

 Defining the Hyksos: A Reevaluation of the Title hk3 h3swt and Its Implications for Hyksos Identity - Danielle Candelora

Cryptography, the Full Moon Festivals of Min, and the King: Reading the Cryptographic Inscription of the Chapel of Min in the Temple of Ramses II at Abydos - Benoît Lurson

 A Textual Amulet from Theban Tomb 313 (Papyrus MMA 26.3.225) - Jacco Dieleman, Hans-W. Fischer-Elfer

 Processional and Chapel Oracular Practice in The Place of Truth - Silvia Štubňová

 Zwei zusätzliche Bemerkungen zu pBerlin 15765a - Stefan Bojowald

 The Ottoman Tiles of the Fakahani Mosque in Cairo - Hans Theunissen

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Eugene Cruz-Uribe is Professor of History at Indiana University East.



Publication Details:

 Paperback , 351 pages
 277mm x 213mm

BIC Code:
  HIS002030, SOC003000
 Lockwood Press


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