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The Monarchy in Modern Greece (Greek language edition)
Greek language edition

By Costas M. Stamatopoulos

The Monarchy in Modern Greece (Greek language edition)
Paperback, 352 pages £22.00
Published: 2015
ISBN: 9789606878909
Format: 240mm x 170mm
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Subjects: European Studies, History, Politics

Distibributed by University of Exeter Press. 107 b&w photographs. Greek language text.


Cover shown is the Greek language edition.

For perhaps the first time, a holistic account of the institution of the monarchy in modern Greece.

Looks at the political behaviour of the Greek people and their relationship with authority in every form, to explore why this specific type of constitution was chosen in 1832 at the end of the Greek ‘Struggle for Independence’. The development of the monarchy is explored in parallel with the quest for popular legitimization and the constitutional dimension, including the contradictions in the constitutional legislation and the fragility of a democratic constitutional monarchy.

In a second section, three individual members of the Dynasty are discussed in detail. In the cases of Constantine the First and Queen consort Frederika, an attempt is made to separate myth from historical reality. Finally, in a third section, the philanthropic attitude of members of the two dynasties is discussed together with the socio-political dimension of the monarchy. In an Epilogue, the author examines the causes of the unravelling of the strong, but uneasy bond between people and monarchy.

Publication Details:

 Paperback , 352 pages
 240mm x 170mm
107 illus.

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  HIS010000, HIS037030, HIS037070, POL016000
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