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BIC Excellence Award

Michael Temple

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Meetings With Mallarmé

In Meetings with Mallarmé, top scholars from the UK and USA have been specially commissioned to explore the significance of Mallarmé's influence on some of the major players in French psychoanalysis, music, poetry, philosophy and literary theory.

Paperback    £20.00
9780859895620 | Published: 1998
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Hardback    £75.00
9780859895613 | Published: 1998
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The Name Of The Poet

An examination of the use of names and the art of naming in the works of Stéphane Mallarmé. Maintaining an independent critical, and self-critical, approach, the author elaborates a 'theory of the name' from within the Mallarmean text, rather than through the application of an external theory.

Hardback    £75.00
9780859894319 | Published: 1995
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