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Simon Brown

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Cecil Hepworth and the Rise of the British Film Industry 1899-1911

This book offers an industrial, economic and aesthetic history of the early years of the British film industry from 1899-1911, through a case study of one of the most celebrated pioneer film makers, Cecil Hepworth.



Hardback    £65.00
9780859898904 | Published: 2016
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EPUB    £52.00
9780859899918 | Published: 2019
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PDF    £52.00
9780859899901 | Published: 2019
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Picture Perfect

The fifth in a series of volumes from the annual British Silent Cinema Festival held in Nottingham (and the first to be published by Exeter), this collective study offers an original treatment of the relationship between pre-1930 cinema and landscape.

Paperback    £16.00
9781905816019 | Published: 2007
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Hardback    £45.00
9781905816002 | Published: 2007
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PDF    £13.00
9780859899383 | Published: 2015
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