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BIC Excellence Award

Burton MacDonald

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The Ayl to Ras an-Naqab Archaeological Survey, Southern Jordan 2005-2007

Although segments of the Ayl to Ras an-Naqab territory have been investigated for the past one hundred years, this is the first comprehensive and systematic survey of the area. Two volumes, with DVD.

Hardback    £15.00
9780897570855 | Published: 2012
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The Shammakh to Ayl Archaeological Survey, Southern Jordan 2010-2012

The Shammakh to Ayl Archaeological Survey examined archaeological sites in an area of approximately 590 km between Shammakh in the north and Ayl in the south in the southern segment of the Transjordan Plateau. It has particular relevance for understanding the major sites of Petra, Udhruh and ash-Shawbak. 200 b/w illus, 36 b/w tbls.

Hardback    £78.00
9780897570930 | Published: 2016
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The Tafila-Busayra Archaeological Survey 1999-2001, West-central Jordan

This report presents the archaeological evidence for human settlement and land use in the Tafila-Busayra region of southern Jordan from the Palaeolithic (ca. 500,000 BP) to the 20th century AD.


Hardback    £82.00
9780897570664 | Published: 2004
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