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Christian Henry Tobler

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Captain of the Guild

In this first, printed edition of Falkner's work, a full translation and analysis, combined with a photographic reproduction of the original manuscript are included. The result is an attractive translation of a 500 year old picture-book that shows an adaptation of the Liechtenauer tradition, by a known master of its most prestigious school.

Paperback    £32.50
9781937439095 | Published: 2011
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Hardback    £73.50
9780982591161 | Published: 2013
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In Saint George's Name

As a window into the knight and his craft, In Saint George's Name: An Anthology of Medieval German Fighting Arts brings readers a treasure trove of historic combat treatises, musings on the culture and context of the martial arts in the late Middle Ages and hands-on training exercises for wrestling, dagger, falchion and poleaxe.

Paperback    £26.50
9780982591116 | Published: 2010
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In Service of the Duke

Writing in the mid-15th century, Master Paulus Kal was the agent, confidante and fencing master to the powerful Duke of Ludwig IX of Bavaria-Landshut. In his fencing book, prepared for this ducal patron, he presented standard and variant techniques in the tradition of Johannes Liechtenauer, in beautifully rendered and highly detailed illuminations of figures wielding the sword, sword and buckler, dagger, messer (falchion), spear and poleaxe, plus mounted combat.

Hardback    £81.50
9781891448256 | Published: 2006
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Secrets of German Medieval Swordsmanship

In this lavishly photo-illustrated text, Christian presents a full translation and interpretation of the so-called Ringeck Fechtbuch, a mid-15th century compendium of teachings in the Liechtenauer tradition.

Hardback    £35.00
9781891448072 | Published: 2002
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