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BIC Excellence Award

Richard Jasnow

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The Demotic and Hieratic Papyri in the Suzuki Collection of Tokai University, Japan

This book contains approximately fifty late Egyptian texts, published for the first time; Representing a range of document types and of demotic handwriting.  Includes a a rare word list and a new mythological narrative, one late hieratic text concerned with temple land, and some Greek fragments from the Byzantine period.

Hardback    £45.00
9781937040628 | Published: 2016
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Illuminating Osiris

Collected essays in honour of Mark J. Smith, Professor of Egyptology, University of Oxford, focussing on his research interests including Egyptian religion, language and texts, incl. demotic.   Exceptional list of international contributors, majority European. 25 colour, c.100 b&w illustrations.  

Hardback    £90.00
9781937040741 | Published: 2017
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Joyful in Thebes

The Canadian Society for Coptic Studies is a Toronto-based nonprofit organization whose purpose is to bring together individuals interested in Coptic studies and to promote the dissemination of scholarly information on Coptic Studies through the organization of meetings and conferences and through the preparation of scholarly works for publication.

Hardback    £90.00
9781937040406 | Published: 2015
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A Late Period Hieratic Wisdom Text (P. Brooklyn 47.218.135)
This volume contains an edition of P. Brooklyn 47.218.135, a papyrus dated to the fifth or fourth century b.c. in the collection of the Brooklyn Museum. Contains a hieroglyphic transcription, consecutive translation, philological commentary, glossary, bibliography, plates.

Paperback    £35.00
9780918986856 | Published: 1992
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The Oriental Institute Hawara Papyri
The papyri published here form part of a large family archive in the Egyptian Fayum. Written in Demotic and Greek, they are an excellent source of information about the Egypt of the fourth to third century b.c. Of interest to Egyptologists, Hellenists, and all those interested in the economic and social history of the Late period in Egypt.

Hardback    £39.00
9781885923028 | Published: 1997
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