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Mark Connelly

Mark Connelly is Professor of Modern British Military History at the University of Kent.  He combines his interest in films, television and visual images with his interest in military history. He is a regular contributor to BBC publications, radio and television programmes, and has been a regular presenter in the national Army Museum’s lunchtime lecture series.

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Celluloid War Memorials

British Instructional Films was at the centre of a number of issues important to Britain and the Empire in the 1920s:  the memory and history of the Great War, national and imperial identities, the role of cinema as a shaper of attitudes and identities, power relations between Britain and the USA and the nature of popular culture as an international contest in its own right.

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9780859899987 | Published: 2016
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9780859890823 | Published: 2019
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9780859890526 | Published: 2019
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